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Ronon's Necklace
Production Description: Hero screen-used necklace worn by actor Jason Momoa as "Ronon Dex" in Stargate Atlantis. Forced into servitude for a decade as a Wraith Runner, Ronon took up the call to join the Atlantis expedition after they freed him from his enslavement. He vowed to wipe the scourge of the Wraith from the face of the Pegasus Galaxy.\nTechnical Description: Production made necklace with silver metal pendant decorated with black lines and alien symbols on both sides hanging from a brown leather cord with a gold bead on one end. Pendant measures approx. 2.25in x 2in, cord is approx. 38in long. Propworx
Volnek's Sodan Warrior Costume
Costume worn by a Sodan warrior in Season Nine of Stargate SG-1. The Sodan were a splinter group of Jaffa warriors who separated themselves from the Goa'uld to find freedom, only raiding the strongholds of their enemy when they required Goa'uld symbiotes to survive.\nTechnical Description: \nProduction-made costume consisting of: brown leather shoulder armor with leather and copper shoulder pads, leather and copper chest plate, four buckle closures on each side, and metal rivet and nut detailing, with two faux bullet holes on front and streaks of faux blood on front and back, production marked "VOLNEK #1" inside. Brown leather gauntlets with leather and copper detailing, metal rivet detailing, and lace and buckle closures, production marked "VOLNEK" inside. Brown leather greaves with leather and copper detailing, metal rivet detailing, lace and buckle closures, and buckle-down stirrups, production marked "VOLNEK" "L2" and "R2" inside. Brown leather vest with lace-up sides, beltloops, Velcro patch on back, and four faux wounds, production marked "VOLNEK 1 OF 3" inside. Brown leather trousers with lace-up front and back and black elastic suspenders, size 34/32, has a 3in tear in the crotch, production marked "ADRIAN HEIN" inside. Brown leather belt with leather and metal rivet detailing, metal buckle, and Velcro patch at back, size 36, production marked "VOLNEK" and "USE W/SQUIBBED TUNIC" inside. No size information available except where noted. Propworx
Transphase Eradication Rod
Transphase Eradication Rod, or T.E.R., featured in numerous episodes of Stargate SG-1. Introduced in Season Two's "Show and Tell", the T.E.R. was used to locate Reetou warriors who existed 180 degrees out of phase from our reality. It would later be used in seeing through Goa'uld invisibility devices.\nTechnical Description: \nProduction made resin pistol, painted a weathered green and black patina, with open cover on bottom revealing faux circuitry and 4 clear crystals. Piece is missing a domed shape piece of resin on the front. Measures 17in x 6in x 3in. Propworx
Brent's Costume
Production Description:\nThis costume was worn by actor Seann William Scott while portraying the character Brent in the film "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back". Production noted this as the hero outfit worn by Brent who was being used by Sissy and her gang to break into Provasic to steal a monkey to cover their diamond heist.\nTechnical Description: \nProduction used blue cotton knit sweater, size large. Featuring white and purple Ralph Lauren polo long sleeved button up shirt and Savane, size 34/32 button up kaki pants. Includes a pair blue dress shoes, size 9.5. Propworx
Sheppard's Green SGC BDU from "The Return, Part 1"
Production Description: Green SGC BDU uniform worn by actor Joe Flanigan as "John Sheppard" during his reassignment to Stargate Command in the Season Three mid-season two-parter, "The Return". Sheppard discovered his genetic sensitivity to Ancient technology while touring the Antarctic outpost, and was soon roped into the Atlantis expedition by Dr. Elizabeth Weir. For the next five years he led his team into battle in the Pegasus Galaxy against the Wraith, Replicators, and numerous other foes.\nTechnical Description: Production made, green, zip-front jacket with two pockets on the chest, ribbing at the collar and wrist cuffs, and Velcro-affixed patches on the sleeves. The right sleeve features a large "SGC" patch with a smaller "Air Force" patch beneath. The left contains an "Earth" patch. There is a Velcro rectangle above the left chest pocket to be used for the purpose of optional patch attachment. No size available. Production made, green, cargo pants with button fly. Production has affixed a white label that reads, "Sheppard" to the inner waistband. No size available. Green, nylon belt with black metal buckle. Production has written "SGX" on the back. Propworx
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