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Battlestar Galactica Viper Neck Collar
Production Description: \nNeck collar used by viper pilots to connect there suits to there helmets. This item was used by production to hide the actors necks to give the illusion of a tight seal on the viper suits.\nTechnical Description: \nMetallic silver fabric collar piece with metal snaps and Velcro on the bottom edge. Item has a torn seam on top where production applied a sticky material. Item measures 21in x 5in. Propworx
Defying Gravity ISO Track Suit
Blue track suit worn in the short lived TV series Defying Gravity. This suit was worn by the ASCAN's while training on earth and consists of a pair of blue pants with matching jacket and a grey ISO (International Space Organization) undershirt. Item is a female size small and remains in excellent condition. Propworx
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Federation & Dominion Treaty
Peace Treaty for the Dominion War featured in the Star Trek: Deep Space nine series finale "What You Leave Behind". After years of being at war, the Dominion and Starfleet come to terms and can be seen signing this peace treaty near the end of the episode. This item features a custom made folder with applied graphics and production made paper inserts. There are five signatures present written in ink, the first from the United Federation of Planets, and the others from the Klingon Empire, The Founders of the Dominion, Romulan Star Empire, and the Bajoran Republic. This lot includes a production made Starfleet pen that was made as an option for use on screen. The treaty measures 12" x 9.5" and remains in excellent condition. From the collection of Joe Longo. Propworx
Christine Everhart's Disney Hall Outfit
The dress Christine Everhart wears when she confronts Tony Stark at the bar during the Firefighter Gala at Disney Hall. Production noted this hero outfit was worn by Leslie Bibb. A black cotton/spandex cocktail dress size 40, black cashmere pashmina with fringe, silver fish scale texture shoulder purse, and silver bar dangle earrings set with Swarovski crystals. Propworx
Star Trek: DS9 Original Rom Concept Artwork Set
Set of illustrations featuring the character of Rom from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Rom, the brother of Quark was one of the three main Ferengi characters aboard the Cardassian space station. This set features three hand drawn designs with attached fabric swatches. Items measure 5.5" x 8.5" and come from the collection of award winning costume designer Robert Blackman. Propworx
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