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French Gilt Victorian Clock
A Knight w/Sword Stands Beside Clock Mechanism, Shield & Mace In View As Well, French, No Makers Name Visible, Mid 1850s, Bevel-Less, 20 1/2 Tall by 16 1/2 Wide, Scroll & Open Book In Front Center Of Base, Floral Scroll Design On Feet, Porcelain Face Cracked Around 12 & 4 Time, Time & Strike, Back Is Missing To Cover Works John Coker Ltd.
Vue Du Jardin Des Plantes, A Paris 19th Cent. French
Possibly a water colored engraving, no doubt early 19th Cent., title of V.eme Vue du Jardin des Plantes, A Pais, Jardin Anglais et Derriere de la Serre, artist markings a Paris Bance, aine, Md.d'Estampes, rue St. Denis, showing a Kangaroo and other exotic animals in a fenced setting with a classical building in the background. Framed dimensions are 17 3/4" wide by 15 1/2" tall. There are some old water stains in parts of the engraving. A loose translation of the title and markings is 5th View of garden, plants, in Paris, English Garden & Behind the Greenhouse. Very detailed image with keepers bringing water and food in carts for the animals on large roadways through the complex. Truly exotic animals visible, especially for the time period. Allais, Sculpt, N. B or H uet del. This is really pretty, glass on the fame is cracked. Framed in Palm Beach in the 1970s. John Coker Ltd.
Amber Coventry Glass Pitcher
Hand blown glass in one of the richest Amber colors you can imagine, a note with the piece states that the pitcher was made by Coventry Glass, purchased about 1920 from John Carpenter of North Coventry and was blown by one of his ancestors. 6 1/4" tall and 5 1/2" wide from spout to handle, lots and lots of bubbles, well defined lip around the top. Circa 1810-1830 from Connecticut. See photo of old envelope to accompany this pitcher. John Coker Ltd.
Washington Redskins
Circa 1970, matching steel/glass bottle, same front and back, Universal maker on the thermos. John Coker Ltd.
4 Chrome Wheels
4 Chrome Wheels\n\n1940s Chrome hubcaps, steel rims, John Coker Ltd.
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