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James D. Julia est parmi les dix meilleures maisons de ventes aux enchères d’antiquités des Etats-Unis et est basée à Fairfield, dans le Maine. La société possède également un bureau à Woburn dans le Massachusetts. Ils ont été en affaires depuis plus de 40 ans et tiennent des ventes aux enchères d’antiquités, d’objets de collection et d’objets de décoration haut de gamme tout au long de l'année.

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Deux collections d'armes anciennes sous le marteau de Cowan's
Deux collections d'armes anciennes passeront sous le marteau de la maison Cowan's lors de leur vente d'armes anciennes et de militaria les 3, 4 et 5 novembre prochains.

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An unusually large machine approximately 6 feet tall with a gallery about the top of the machine. The oak cabinet is simplistic in nature with minimal electroplated iron castings and a large color wheel with a mirrored center section. An oddity of this machine is that when a coin or multiple coins are deposited one literally pulls the handle upwards from a 6 o'clock position to a 9 o'clock position. Most machines have a handle that you push down into the 12 o'clock position to the 3 o'clock position. Perhaps the earliest of all the mechanical upright "color wheel" pay out slot machines, it is purported that Mills worked for McDonald for a short time before heading off on his own and forming his own company. Manufactured by McDonald in the late 1800s, it features a very unique and interesting mechanism. Unusual in the fact that one could play 7 coins, normally only 5 or 6. The method in which the wheel is activated and spins is quite different than all of the subsequent upright machines manufactured by various makers. When a coin is deposited and the mechanism activated a centrifugal type mechanism is activated and the wheel starts to spin slowly and continually speeds up and then slows down before the payout fingers engage into the wooden color wheel. If a coin is played on the winning color, the payout finger is then literally pulled down by 1/4 of an inch and tripping the payout coin way escalator and the winnings drop into a pay cup at the bottom of the right side of the machine. There was a runway a.k.a. escalator which held 50+ coins and thus even today always allowing the correct number of coins to be dispensed for a winning play. A very simplistic mechanism and totally different than any subsequent upright machines manufactured by various makers of the time period. SIZE: 70" t x 27" w x 13" d. CONDITION: Machine was restored some 30+ years ago and has mellowed out and has a wonderful overall appearance. In excellent working condition. Upon close examination a small decorative piece of wood trim is missing from the upper right corner. 1-14172 James D. Julia
Bulbous form vase with small collar neck begins with a green background shading from emerald green to apple green and is further decorated with a platinum leaf, vine and millefiori decoration with red accents to design. Superb example. Signed "Aurene 050". SIZE: 3-3/4" t. CONDITION: Very good to excellent. 5-62026 James D. Julia
SN 316493. Cal. 45 Colt. Nickel finish with 5-1/2" bbl, orig front sight with 2-line address with "NEW SERVICE 45 COLT" on left side. Mounted with beautiful smooth factory pearl grips with deep left & right Colt medallions. Revolver has about 40-50% coverage foliate arabesque pattern engraving with elliptical foliate arabesque patterns on cylinder on lands between the flutes. Top of back strap, at the heel on butt strap & trigger guard are engraved to match with small hunter stars on each side of the ejector rod boss. Engraving appears similar to the Helfrecht style. Butt strap has a factory installed lanyard swivel. Left side of butt strap, under grip, is stamped "N 701" which number appears on front face of cylinder around cyl pin and on bottom of bbl, in addition to a small 6-pointed star inside the crane on the frame. The star on the frame indicates factory refinish and the number "701" is the refinish assembly number from the factory. PROVENANCE: John Irwin Estate Collection. CONDITION: Extremely fine, all matching except grips which are unnumbered. Overall retains most of its fine nickel finish with some light dulling from handling and a couple of tiny scrapes on back strap. Toe of front strap has some very fine pimpling and very minor losses of nickel. Grips are outstanding and sound, retaining great fire & color. Mechanics are a little cranky in double action, probably just a minor adjustment, otherwise mechanics are fine, brilliant shiny bore. 4-36746 James D. Julia
SN 24. Cal. 56. 6-1/8" rnd bbl unmarked, typical of these pointed lock pistols. Lock is marked under bolster "N.P. AMES/SPRINGFIELD/MASS". Tail of pointed lock marked vertically in two lines "U.S.N/1842". Walnut stock unmarked which is typical of these pointed lock pistols. Rare 1st run of 300 as taken from Flayderman's Guide. PROVENANCE: Charles Radcliffe Collection. CONDITION: Metal show evidence of hard use with medium pitting covering about 50% of breech area. Lock plate is in very good condition, showing its age nicely, as is the balance of the brass furniture. Walnut stock has a severe 1-1/2" long crack running from tail of lock screw toward trigger on left side and two wood chips have been replaced at the tail of the lock, the largest measuring 3/4" x 1/2" and the smaller measuring 1/4" x 1-1/2" and reinforced with a nail. When done, did not completely fill the area next to the trigger guard where there is a 1/8" x a 1/2" gap that should be redone. Additionally there is a 3-1/2" stress crack running from the front of the trigger guard to the bbl band, not affecting soundness in any way. 4-39610 PAS20 James D. Julia
STIEGEL-TYPE BOTTLE. White half-post bottle with polychrome enamel floral decoration. PROVENANCE: Ruggles House Society Museum Columbia Falls, Maine. SIZE: 4-3/4" t. CONDITION: Missing cap as well as collar, very minor enamel loss, otherwise very good. 5-62659 James D. Julia
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