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Heritage Auctions

Since their establishment in 1976, Heritage Auctions have developed their business into being the world's third largest auction house. With a major development of the functions of their website, Heritage Auctions online services have become leading in their field of business. For instance, Heritage Auctions offer an online service called Heritage Live, where real-time auctions allow customers to participate regardless of where in the world they might be. It is often possible to place a bid before the live auction.

Heritage Auctions have a wide range of departments for their big number of lots. For instance, you can find movie posters, coins, wine, comics and much more, and of course art and antiques.

Hertiage has a huge customer base with over 860 000 members. With a staff containing more than 100 experts and 300 professionals, Heritage Auctions always benefit the customer, helping them complement their collections. Heritage Auctions are well aware of their social responsibility and are continuously arranging charity and fundraising auctions, collecting money for necessary purposes.

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