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Auktionshaus Auktionspunkt is a German auction house founded in 1996. The auction house has extensive knowledge and experience within their field, and specialises in engineering goods, vehicles, machinery, equipment, real estate, and art. Auktionshaus Auktionspunkt conducts several auctions each year, and clients can place bids both live and online.

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Kaufmann - Ritter Blaubart
1962, orignal poster of a popular German theatre behind protective plastic sheet with integrated loops, reflections on protective sheet on picture, print, 81 cm x 114 cm. It is part of a poster collection, representing theatre culture between the 1960s and 1980s in East Germany, that was brought to Sydney for an exhibition at the Australia-GDR-Association centre. The posters stayed at the Goethe Institute in Sydney before they were attained by the KRONE AG. Auktionshaus Auktionspunkt
Günter Scharein - Print Meister Mathis
Poster, 98 cm x 70 cm Auktionshaus Auktionspunkt
Peter Grämer - Robinie
1977, Oil on canvas, 124 cm x 124 cm Auktionshaus Auktionspunkt
Book of Hours northern France second half century, reprint of
Faksimile Fol.69 and Fol. 78, 45 cm x 32 cm. New - original packing. Auktionshaus Auktionspunkt
Head of the Academy of Fine Arts - Bamboo symbol of flexibility
Ink Drawing, 143 cm x 64 cm Auktionshaus Auktionspunkt

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Auktionshaus Auktionspunkt
David-Gilly-Str. 1
14469 Potsdam
Tel: 0331 - 7045331
Fax: 0331 - 5050897