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Casa d'Aste della Rocca

Casa d’Aste Della Rocca was founded in Turin in 1986 by Giacomo and Guglielmo Fiorio, well known antique dealers and experts of art. Both brothers have a forty-year-long experience in the antiques field and both are really passionate about art in general, no matter epoch or branch.

In 1986 they decided to establish the auction house; they launched it on the 4th of December 1986 with an important sale featuring paintings, antique furniture, works of art, silverware and jewellery, belonging to a famous villa located on the hills near Turin, also called “Il Cottolengo”, from the name of its founder.

The auction house has always worked along with private and religious organizations, its staff helps collectors, experts and privates to buy works of art and antiques, and to sell their own pieces in all sectors: furniture, carpets, ceramics, silverware, glasses, jewellery, from any epoch and provenance.

The head quarters and the exhibition area of the auction house are both in Via della Rocca number 33, within a prestigious, neoclassic building located in one of the most elegant and known streets of Turin.

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