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1930s Police Motorcycle, (Kilgore?), 4.25"
Police Motorcycle, 1930s, unmarked (Kilgore?), 4.25", solo rider, rubber tires, C6 Serious Toyz
“A Pixerama Foldbook of The Beatles”
“A Pixerama Foldbook of The Beatles”, 1963, Pixerama-Wolfe, 1st printing, 12 glossy B&W photos that fold out, VG+. ($25.-$35.) Serious Toyz
1961 Matchbox Bedford Tipper #3 in Box
Bedford Tipper #3, 1961, gray cab, maroon dump, black plastic wheels, mint in NM box Serious Toyz
1960 Matchbox Ford Thunderbird #75 in Box
Thunderbird #75, 1960, cream & pink body, blue–green base, silver plastic wheels, C8.5 (painted details added*) in C9 box. *This piece of 1 of a group of Matchbox cars that were carefully embellished w/ paint by a collector. Mostly, he enhanced painted details that were already there, like head / tail lights, & bumpers; or added details like hinges & handles. He did beautiful work; in most cases, if we didn’t point it out, the additional paint may have been overlooked. We understand that ‘purists’ may reject these pieces, but given the overall condition, & the rarity of so many, we decided to offer them in this auction. Minimum bids have been lowered accordingly, but these pieces will display perfectly, & fill in collections w/ rare pieces not normally within reach to many of us. Serious Toyz
1950s Marx Plastic “Caveman Riding Stegosaurus” Ramp Walker
“Caveman Riding Stegosaurus” Ramp Walker, 1950s, Marx, 3”; painted plastic; looks suspiciously like a black Fred Flintstone; NM. Serious Toyz
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