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DOUBLE EAGLE. GII-26. Quart with pontil and
DOUBLE EAGLE. GII-26. Quart with pontil and sheared lip. Here is another fine condition flask. Once again this one has strong embossing with virtually no high point wear. Some of these flasks came from a collector who was a condition nut. Nothing but the best, here's an unimprovable example. Grade 9. American Bottle Auctions
JULIUS JUNG BLUTH. Applied top, 12-sided, 10 ½".
JULIUS JUNG BLUTH. Applied top, 12-sided, 10 ½". Although there is no mention, at least in Ring/Ham, of this bottle, we do believe it to be a bitters. It was originally purchased in a Harmer-Rooke sale and later at a T.B.R. bottle consignment Ebay sale. A call from Max Davis told us that two were found at the Grand Hotel in Alba, Utah. They were both dug by Blackie Owen in the 1960's. This must be a rare bottle, as no one we've talked to has seen or heard of John Bluth. A label on the bottle stated that this bitters was mostly exported west. There is some minor interior haze and a tiny spot near the very base, that appears to be a pressure ding. The top is badly misshapen with a questionable spot of roughness. We'll show it in the video. Grades an 8.5. American Bottle Auctions
LOAF OF BREAD SHAPED DEMI-JOHN. Applied top and smooth base. 9" high, 8 ½" long with applied tapered top. Here's an interesting bottle we named after its peculiar shape. Most likely holding one gallon, it is either continental or possibly American. Regard American Bottle Auctions
NATIONAL BITTERS in puce. This trio of corns
NATIONAL BITTERS in puce. This trio of corns wouldn't be complete without this gorgeous strawberry/orange puce example. This color is very hard to recreate; however we are going to photograph it in natural sunlight to show you the amazing puce coloration. There are striations throughout the piece, hopefully the video and pictures tell the story. Grades a 9.8. American Bottle Auctions
CIRCLE A BRAND GINGER ALE WACO, TEX. Crown tooled top with original metal stand. It?s no wonder we haven?t seen one of these before. A soda bottle with the original metal stand? In addition, the stand has nice debossing of the name of the Circle A Brand American Bottle Auctions
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