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Sir Edmund Hillary, Everest Mountain Climber, Signed Photograph
Hillary Sir Edmund \n\nSir Edmund Hillary, Everest mountain climber, signed photograph\n\n8? x 10? color photograph signed by Sir Edmund Hillary as ?Ed Hillary? in upper right corner. The photograph shows mountain climbers in bright yellow polar clothing scaling a snowy slope within sight of Everest in the background. Printed on Fujicolor Crystal Archive glossy paper and stamped verso. In near fine condition.\n\nSir Edmund Hillary (1919-2008), a Kiwi mountain climber, war veteran, author, and philanthropist, was the first man along with Tibetan guide Tenzing Norgay to summit Mt. Everest in May 1953. Everest -- the 29,000-foot-tall mountain in the Himalayas range and the tallest mountain in the world -- had attracted many climbers prior to Hillary?s expedition. One of these explorers was George Mallory, who disappeared in 1924 and whose body was uncovered about 2,000 below the summit in 1999. Neither Hillary nor Norgay attempted to summit Mt. Everest after their initial success. After Everest, Hillary continued to explore the world, regularly touring the Himalayas and Antarctica. Hillary established a charity that helped Nepalese Sherpas called the Himalayan Trust in 1960.\n\nWE PROVIDE IN-HOUSE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE. University Archives
Jackie Kennedy TLS rejecting prop for 'enchanting' book on Marie Antoinette
As an editor at Doubleday Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis rejects a proposal for an "enchanting" illustrated book on a village built for Marie Antoinette by King Louis XVI. JACQUELINE KENNEDY (1929-1994) Typed Letter Signed "Jacqueline Onassis," 8.5" x 11". New York, April 23, 1981. On Doubleday letterhead, signed as Associate Editor. To Ms. Abbie Gail Weiser, Los Angeles, California. Light edge wear and handling creases. Fine condition.In full, "Your notebook on le hameau de Marie Antoinette is enchanting. You have done so much marvellous [sic] research. The trouble is that such a book would be enormously expensive to do. One would need the co-operation of Versailles, a photographer to take exciting new photographs, etc. And then Doubleday doesn't feel that there would be a large enough audience to justify the expense of such a book. As you perhaps know, beautifully illustrated books are the first casualties in this very difficult time in the publishing business, when everyone is retrenching."It could be a marvelous book and I hope you can make it happen at a house that would welcome it. Why don't you try Rizzoli or Harry Abrams? They do books like that much more than Doubleday does. Thank you for sending it to me and for the great pleasure I had in reading your proposal. I wish you the very best of luck."Le Hameau de Marie Antoinette is a play-village and farm built in 1783 for Louis XVI's Queen for her amusement. Among the thatched cottages, a watermill, and a lake, she and her court acted out a fantasy of peasant life.We can find no record of Ms. Weiser's book ever being published. University Archives
Simon Bolivar boldly signs a Peruvian military appointment
Bolivar Simon <p>Partly-printed Document Signed, <i><b>"Simon Bolivar,"</b></i> as President of Peru, 1 page, 8.5" x 12.25", Chuquisaca, [Bolivia], November 16, 1825, in Spanish, appointing a captain to active service in the Peruvian Army. Endorsed on the verso by<b> Antonio Jose de Sucre ("<i>A J de Sucre</i>")</b>. Expected folds, light soiling, rough margins, else very good to fine condition. </p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Signed at Chuquisaca (known today as Sucre) only months after the departments of Upper Peru declared their independence on August 6, 1825 to form Bolivia. The assembled delegates named Bolívar President, a function he assumed for five months before resigning, leaving Sucre as the fledgling republic's second president. Sucre remained in power until 1828. Sucre was killed by anti-Bolivarians in Ecuador two years later at age 34.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>The document is accompanied by a pair of certificates of authenticity from Alfredo Vigil, one of which concerns Bolivar's signature and the other authenticating Sucre's endorsement.&nbsp;</p> <br>WE PROVIDE IN-HOUSE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE. University Archives
ALS signed by Charles Addams, creator of the show The Addams Family
Addams Charles 1912 - 1988 The creator of the humorously macabre Addams Family, Charles Addams on his reading as a teen "Mark Twain ?Û_ Conan Doyle ?Û_ Treasure Island with the wonderful Wyeth illustrations?Û_" Autograph Letter Signed "Chas Addams," 2p, 4.5" x 7", separate sheets of "The New Yorker" stationery, New York, July 15, 1966. To Miss Byrne. With original "New Yorker" envelope hand addressed by Addams to "Miss Evelyn B. Byrne / Elizabeth Barrett Browning Sch. / 183rd St and Ryer Ave / New York NY 10458." Fine condition.In full, "I was so pleased to find myself on your list. Looking back I think my favorites were Life on the Mississippi by Mark Twain - The White Company by Conan Doyle (also Sir Nigel by the same author) and some of that interest still remains in the form of a small armor collection. ?Û÷Treasure Island with the wonderful Wyeth illustrations and of course the Sherlock Holmes books."From 1966 to 1970, Evelyn Byrne ran a program at New York City's Elizabeth Barrett Browning Junior High School where she asked major literary and artistic figures of the time to write back with their recollections of what books inspired them while they were teenagers. An assortment of their responses were published in the book Attacks of Taste, printed in 1971 by Gotham Book Mart. University Archives
Korean War Photo of Sherman Tank Leaving Bow Door Ramp of USS Mahoning County
Korean War 1950 - 1953 Huge official Korean War Photograph of Sherman Tank Leaving Bow Door Ramp of the USS Mahoning County (LST-914) tank landing ship at Wonsan invasion beach Original First Generation Photograph by U.S. Navy Photographer T.G. Donegan of Combat Photo Unit Pacific Fleet. Black & white, 21.75" x 17.75". Minor surface creases. Fine condition.Stamped on verso, in part, "Official United States Navy Photograph." Affixed on verso is a mimeographed sheet, 3.25" x 5.25", with purple typed caption: "CPU PAC FLT 26 Oct. 1950. / Donegan, T.G. / Korea / USN 421356 26 Oct. 1950 / A General Sherman (M -4) tank / leaves bow door ramp of LST- / 914 at Wonsan invasion beach. . Note: tank is equipped with / bulldozer blade. / Rel. 2 Nov. 1950."Wonsan is a port city located in North Korea, on the westernmost shore of the Sea of Japan. The city was under continuous siege and bombardment by the U.S. Navy from March 1951 until July 27, 1953, making it the longest siege in modern American naval history. University Archives
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