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Jean-Baptiste Jean (Haitian) Farm Collectives Celebration
Jean-Baptiste Jean (Haitian/Capt-Haitien, 1953-2002) Farm Collectives Celebrate Haiti's Produce Oil on masonite, 24 x 36 in. Unframed <br> <br>Provenance: Private Florida Collection ZQ Art Gallery
Rigaud Benoit (Haitian) Ceremony, Self-taught/Outsider Folk Art
Rigaud Benoit (Haitian/Port-au-Prince, 1911-1986) Ceremony, dated 6/5/81, Oil on masonite, 24 x 32 1/2 in. Framed 32 5/8 x 40 3/4 in. House of Heydenryk Frame <br> <br>Provenance: Dr. Halvor and Astrid Jaeger Collection <br> <br>Lot Essay: A musician who made his living as a driver, Rigaud Benoit joined the Centre d'Art in 1944 (the year of its founding). Benoit's musicality is evident in the expressions of his faces. He reveals beauty in human form and plant life. As a spiritualist who married Hector Hyppolite's daughter, Benoit's scenes reference liberatory practice. A first generation artist from the Centre d'Art, his work was shown internationally early in his career starting with the 1947 UNESCO exhibition in Paris. Benoit was an incredibly detailed painter producing a select and limited body of work. ZQ Art Gallery
A Royal Dux Porcelain Figural Chess Set, Bohemia, Czechoslovakia
A Royal Dux Porcelain Figural Chess Set, Bohemia, Czechoslovakia, Mid 20th Century with one side predominantly blue, the other with gild highlights, kings holding swords, queens wearing head dresses, bishops with helmets and mantles, knights as rearing horses, rooks as elephants, and pawns holding daggers. Signed on base. King is 11.5cm and Pawn 8.5cm high ZQ Art Gallery
Southeast Asian Metal Chess Set, Late 19th Century
Southeast Asian Metal Chess Set, Late 19th Century. Kings and Queens with distinctive hats, musical Bishops, Knights as elephants, Rooks as cenotaphs, and Pawns alternately in stretch balance mode legs slightly akimbo or one knee up ready to spring into action. King is approximately 9.5 cm high. ZQ Art Gallery
LaFortune Felix (Haitian) Reader, dated 1985, Self-taught/Outsider Art
LaFortune Felix (Haitian/Aritbonite, 1933-2016) Untitled (Reader), dated 1985, Oil on masonite, 17 3/4 x 29 7/8 in. Framed 18 7/8 x 30 7/8 in. <br> <br>Provenance: Dr. Bob Brictson Estate <br> <br>Lot Essay: From the fertile Artibonite Valley, LaFortune Felix is a true spiritualist presenting devotional symbols and ceremonies that celebrate the world's colors, plants and energies. ZQ Art Gallery
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