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Pillar Molded Sugar Bowl
early Pittsburgh district, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 1820-1840. Compressed bulbous bowl with eight pillar molded ribs, colorless, tooled gallaried rim with matching domed cover with eight vertical pillar molded ribs - ground pontil scar, overall ht. 9 inches. Similar to Innes Plate 188 Rare form, fine condition. Great piece of early American glass. Norman C. Heckler & Company
"Flora Temple (Horse)" Historical Flask
probably Whitney Glassworks, Glassboro, New Jersey. 1860-1870. Red amber, applied mouth with ring - smooth base, pint; (exterior high point wear, pinhead mouth flake). GXIII-24 Norman C. Heckler & Company
Bust of Bryan and "In Silver We Trust/Bryan 1896 Sewall" - Eagle "United
America. circa 1896. In the form of a silver dollar, brilliant yellow green to golden amber, tooled double collared mouth - smooth base, height 5 1/8 inches, about 1/2 pint. GI -126 A rare historical bottle. LeBaron collection. Norman C. Heckler & Company
"Greeley's Bourbon / Bitters" Figural Bottle
America. 1860-1880. Barrel form, medium puce with a gray tone, applied square collared mouth - smooth base, ht. 9 inches. R/H # G101 Great color, fine condition. Norman C. Heckler & Company
Two Historical Flasks
a Double Eagle and a Masonic - Frigate, Louisville Glassworks and Kensington Glassworks. 1820-1850. Greenish aquamarine and aquamarine, sheared mouths - pontil scars, pints; (the Double Eagle has 1/16 inch flake on the interior of the mouth). GII-24 and GIV-34 Bright, strongly embossed examples. Norman C. Heckler & Company
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