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Art Coins Rome-ACR Auctions is a well-known name to numismatic collectors worldwide.

Under this name in 2011 the leading Roman auction house specialising in the sale of antique coins and medals embarked on a course that was to see the opening of offices in Munich and London, and to expand its area of expertise to include archaeology, ancient, modern and contemporary art and more recently to operate under the new name of Bertolami Fine Arts.


Currently, the artistic multifaceted structure of Bertolami Fine Arts includes:


• an auction house specialized in the sale of numismatic, archaeological and artistic objects; through live sales and alternative channels (private sales, selling exhibitions, shop on line)

• a planning office for exhibitions, cultural events, press office, and communication campaigns

• a cultural salon

• The Roman School Archive

  • Italie

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Tous les chemins mènent à Rome
Le 24 mai, des artistes de renommée internationale seront réunis à Rome le temps d'une vente aux enchères d'art moderne et contemporain. Cette belle vacation prendra vie sous le toit de la maison Bertolami Fine Arts.
À Rome, trois ventes aux enchères de portée internationale
La maison italienne Bertolami Fine Arts annonce trois ventes d'ampleur pour cette fin d'année. Entre le 23 novembre et le 15 décembre, des montres et des bijoux, de l'art moderne et contemporain ainsi que de la peinture ancienne seront au cœur de la capitale italienne.

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DURANTE ALBERTI Munich Ink on paper 106 x 59 mm Bertolami Fine Art
Sicily, Syracuse, Philistis (Hieron II, 275-215), 16 Litrai, c. 275-216 BC
Sicily, Syracuse, Philistis (Hieron II, 275-215), 16 Litrai, c. 275-216 BC; AR (g 13,13; mm 27; h 11); Veiled head of Philistis l.; on r. star, Rv. BAΣIΛIΣΣAΣ, Nike driving fast quadriga r.; on l. star; on r., K; in ex. ΦIΛIΣTIΔOΣ. SNG ANS 875; SNG München 1355.Cabinet tone, minor peeling on reverse, anyway about extremely fine. Bertolami Fine Art
Circle of Jan van Balen (Antwerp
Circle of Jan van Balen (Antwerp, 1611 - 1654)\n\nNoli me tangere\nOil on panel, cm 42x70. Framed Bertolami Fine Art
GERARDO DOTTORI Perugia 1884 – 1977 Prep
GERARDO DOTTORI Perugia 1884 – 1977 Preparatory sketch for "Year X", 1932 Pencil on paper 43 x 60 cm Photo-certificate of authenticity by Massimo Duranti, September 16th 2015, Gerardo Dottori Archives n. 1692 Literature Il bozzetto di Gerardo Dottori che partecipa al concorso della Biennale veneziana per la glorificazione dell’Anno X, “Futurismo”, a. I, n. 7, Rome, October 23rd, 1932. Bertolami Fine Art
Late seventeenth century Anonymous Master Th
Late seventeenth century Anonymous Master The stoning of St. Stephen Oil on canvas, cm. 123 x 106,5 The composition derives from one of Niccolò Circignani’s frescoes, commissioned and executed for the church of Santo Stefano Rotondo in Rome. In this case, the painting was probably executed by a Florentine anonymous master of the beginning of the seventeenth century, in a style inspired by Agostino Ciampelli. Bertolami Fine Art
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