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Virginia's Copper Bracelet
Virginia Johnson was not just a pioneer in sex research. She was also a stylish fashionista of her era. Her combination of timeless taste and modern flare made her a striking woman, visually and otherwise. Now you too can have Virginia-level style with her copper-colored costume bracelet. ScreenBid
Mylene's Daisy Silk Blouse & Black Flare Pants
Many divas get their start in the church. The ancient culture that's full of performances and singing breeds a certain talent that is hard to come by any other way. Mix that life-long experience with looks that could stop any man in his tracks and you have the roots of an unstoppable diva. This outfit may still have the magic that started her fantastic journey. Included in this lot are: (2 Pieces) Chloe Black Sheer Silk Long Sleeve Blouse with Ruffled Collar White & Yellow Embroidered Daisy's Gathered Cuffs & Tie, Cushnie Et Oches Stretch Cady High Waisted Black Flare Pants. This lot can be seen in episode five of part two when Mylene has her final meeting with Roy Asheton. TGD298 http://screenbid.com/view-auctions/catalog/id/83/lot/55586/ ScreenBid
Masters' Dark Red Bow Tie with Paisley Pattern
If there's one thing Dr. William Masters was known for, other than his groundbreaking research in human sexuality, it was his impeccable taste in neckwear. Always a man of superior taste and subtle sophistication, Masters bow tie collection was nothing short of impressive. Take some fashion inspiration from the Master, himself, with this paisley patterned bow tie from the show. ScreenBid
The Get Down Short Sharp Boombox
The Get Down is more than a celebration of music; it's a celebration of New York's position in American culture. Art, music, fashion, and state of mind can be seen born in NYC and spread clear across the country, greatly influencing modern American culture. Continue in that celebration with this vintage boombox. TGD1083 http://screenbid.com/view-auctions/catalog/id/83/lot/56036/ ScreenBid
Libby's Copper Tone Leaf Cuff Bracelet
From a submissive housewife to a free-spirited future lawyer who refuses to build her life around a man, Libby Masters goes through some major changes to evolve into the woman she was always meant to be. Through all her ups and downs, one thing that remained unchanged was the elegance she exemplified through her tasteful outfits and exquisite accessories like this hinged leaf cuff from her personal collection. Item Details: Copper color. Leaf patterned. Hinged cuff. ScreenBid

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