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Langham's Grey & Maroon Madras Plaid Shirt
Dr. Austin Langham is a handsome fool. The tall, strapping, young doctor may be book smart, but he seemed to get himself into a lot of trouble with his street smarts. Lucky for him, his combination of fine genetics and fashionable wardrobe like this Van Heusen cotton shirt made him hard to resist. ScreenBid
Masters of Sex Cocktail Glasses Set (4)
The 1950's and 1960's was the era of the cocktail party. The gang at Masters and Johnson may not have entertained much, but that didn't mean they didn't need a stiff drink from time to time. You too can take a load off and relax with these vintage cocktail glasses. ScreenBid
Regina's Bronze Satin Wrap-Up Ankle Strap Heel
Regina is always ready to speak her mind, but her bold style speaks for itself. Included in this outfit is a pair of Aida Dance bronze satin character shoes with suede soles and a wrap up ankle strap (salsa character shoe style.) TGD1103 http://screenbid.com/view-auctions/catalog/id/83/lot/56028/ ScreenBid
Masters & Johnson's "Studies In Human Sexual Response" Folder
Dr. Masters and Johnson's research was controversial from the start, but right when their work was beginning to earn respect from the scientific community, the provocative video shown during Masters' "Studies in Human Sexual Response" presentation proves too much for his peers. Having his life's work labeled "smut" only made him more determined to continue the work that he'd started. This is the folder containing the study distributed to the attendees at Masters' infamous presentation in the finale of season one. ScreenBid
Papa Fuerte's Tall Glass & Chrome-Colored Side Table Set
Papa Fuerte doesn't get a whole hood calling him "Papa" because he doesn't show he cares. Everything he is and everything he does is to bring his neighborhood up to the standards that New York's best boroughs were living in. To keep your eye on the up-and-coming prize you have to live the part. This furniture is a vision of things to come for the South Bronx. TGD934 http://screenbid.com/view-auctions/catalog/id/83/lot/55758/ ScreenBid
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