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ZORRILLA MANUEL RUIZ: (1833-1895) Spanish Politician, President of the Government (1871) under Amadeo I, one of the Leaders of the Spanish Republicanism. A.N.S., on his private printed visiting card, Paris, in Spanish. Zorrilla asks his correspondent to forward a message to Mr. Bouteiller regarding the Sunday lunch plan, explaining that they will not be able to attend it. Together with General Salcedo, an interesting A.L.S., The General Salcedo, one page, 8vo, n.d. [1873], in Spanish. Accompanied by a signed card with his rank in his hand. The letter being a list of the prisoners taken, horses, and arms, as a result of his victory in the Chinchillas battle (10th August 1873) defeating General Contreras. The list including `Prisoners 388 - Weapons taken 276 - Cannons 2 - A flag of regiment 1 - Beasts, Horses, safe box - General Salcedo - Also two trains with 91 wagons and three machines´ and concludes adding `General Contreras uniform´. Also including an A.L.S., by the French consul in Valencia, one page, 8vo, Valencia, 7th August 1873 giving a pass to a French citizen authorizing him to travel and cross the Spanish territory. Bearing a red wax seal and an ink stamp of the Defence and Salvation Board. The three documents, not including Zorrilla´s visiting card, have been neatly affixed to the inside of a folding card. Overall age wear. G, 4 £100-150 Amadeo I, King of Spain 1870-73 abdicated in February 1873, after a hard dispute with Manuel Zorrilla, former President of the Government. As a result of the abdication the government troops have to face several uprisings in some provinces, being the Murcia one in July 1873 one of the first. General Salcedo leading the Government regiments defeated the insurgents leaded by General Contreras at the Chinchilla Battle, 10th August 1873. IAA Spain
CINEMA: Selection of vintage signed postcard
CINEMA: Selection of vintage signed postcard photographs and a few slightly larger by various British and American film stars including Laurence Harvey, Julie Harris, Albert Finney, Michael York, Randolph Scott, Tony Curtis, Lloyd Bridges etc. Generally VG, 14. £100-120 IAA Spain
ECHEGARAY JOSE: (1832-1916) Spanish Civil
ECHEGARAY JOSE: (1832-1916) Spanish Civil Engineer, Mathematician, Statesman and Dramatist, Nobel Prize winner for Literature 1904. Autograph Statement Signed, Jose Echegaray, one page, oblong 8vo, n.p., n.d. The holograph statement, comprising five lines of text in Spanish, is most likely the concluding page of a larger essay or speech, and is marked 20 in Echegaray's hand in the upper left corner. He writes, in part, 'Let's all individualists celebrate with joy this new victory of the big theory; a theory which will rescue the human dignity and freedom....A theory which contains great future progress in the art of locomotion. The humans are no longer bipeds, they are cyclists. Quadrupeds should do the same!' Some extremely minor, light age wear to the edges, otherwise VG £100-150 IAA Spain
LOUISE OF STOLBERG-GEDERN: (1752-1824) Countess of Albany, wife of
LOUISE OF STOLBERG-GEDERN: (1752-1824) Countess of Albany, wife of the Jacobite Claimant to the English and Scottish thrones, Charles Edward Stuart, Bonnie Prince Charlie, The Young Pretender. A.L.S., Louise, one page, 8vo, n.p., 16th April [1775], to General Angelelli, in French. The Countess states `..she deserves your care because she is full of good qualifications and I am convinced that she will make the Prince happy if he finally decides to marry her. Regarding nobility there is nothing to say against, and regarding the dowry the father has said he will give 12 thousand Roman ecus, although she has an old aunt who wants to make her heiress...´ further explaining `The Prince should not think she is a beauty wonder, she is fine but not beautiful, but I can confirm she has good nature and heart and she is very complaisant, which is important in a marriage, she is not coquette, she is very reasonable and am sure that the Prince will be happy´. With integral address leaf bearing a red wax seal (small area of paper loss caused by the removal of the seal). An intriguing letter. Some very light, minor age wear, VG. IAA Spain
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