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WORLD ARTS AUCTIONS est une plateforme d'enchères dédiée aux collectionneurs.

Cette maison de ventes belge concentre son offre sur des œuvres d'art authentiques de l'Afrique, Océanie, Amériques et Asie. Se fondant sur l'expertise du spécialiste Jo De Buck, WORLD ARTS AUCTIONS garantit l'authenticité de chaque pièce. Chaque objet acheté via WORLD ARTS AUCTIONS est accompagné d'un certificat d'authenticité.

WORLD ARTS AUCTIONS est ouvert sur rendez-vous aux vendeurs et collectionneurs potentiels.

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Mask Pende illness
Good example of a black and white Pende sickness mask with complete headdress. Nice patina inside from use. The outside is dry. Provenance: Belgian private collectionEx. Colonial missionary museumEx. Patric ClaesCondition: Intact. (comes with a base) World Arts Auctions
Teke fetish "Itio"
Old and intensively used Teke "Itio" fetish with a magical religious function. For a similar example: "Les Arts des Bateke" Raoul Lehuard; P. 133. Provenance: Gallery Alain Lecomte, Paris Condition: Intact (comes with base) World Arts Auctions
Ko' mask
Very old wooden mask representing a hyena with a geometrical headdress on the top. The whole mask is covered with thick crusty patina and chicken feathers from ritual offerings. The inside of the mask has a dry an old patina. Provenance: Belgian private collectionEx. Michel de MolCondition: Some pieces missing on the rim in the back. (comes with a base) World Arts Auctions
Bamileke buffalo mask
Very expressive buffalo mask used in ritual parades. Thick crusty patina with lots of use inside and outside the mask. Provenance: Belgian private collectionEx Woods Davy collection, Los AngelesCondition: Small natural crack and some insect damage on the bottom and the top of the head. (no base) World Arts Auctions
Ibo maiden mask and outfit
Complete Ibo maiden mask outfit with a lot of patchwork decoration on the skirt, finished with hand woven blue cotton. Classic Ibo mask with dry patina and signs of use. It is rare to find a mask with his original outfit. Provenance: Belgian private collectionEx Dave Deroche gallery, San FranciscoCondition: Intact. (no base) World Arts Auctions
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