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Lodewijk Franciscus Hendrik ‘Louis’ Apol The Hague 1850-1936 A winter
Lodewijk Franciscus Hendrik ‘Louis’ Apol The Hague 1850-1936 A winter landscape oil on canvas 47.2 x 64.2 cm signed lower left and painted ca. 1871-1873 Exhibited: Apeldoorn, CODA Museum, ‘Schilders op de Veluwe’, 20 June-25 October 2009. Louis Apol belongs to the most important masters of the Hague School and is best known for his winter landscapes and woodland scenes in snow. In these, people play only a minor (if any) role. All attention is on nature itself. The artist found his finest landscapes mainly in and around The Hague and the environs of Arnhem. He also painted a number of summer river and heathland scenes. In 1880 Apol travelled with an expedition to Spitsbergen on the polar schooner Willem Barentz. During the trip he made many drawings and watercolours. insurance value: € 15,000.- starting bid: € 7,200.- Fischer's Auction
Albertus Verhoesen Utrecht 1806-1881
Albertus Verhoesen <br><br> Utrecht 1806-1881 <br> Four chickens near a waterbowl, oil on panelolieverf op paneel 22.4 x 27.8 cm <br><br> provenance: Kunsthandlung Adolf Seemeyer, Hannover. <br><br> Albertus Verhoesen was a pupil of J. van Ravenswaay and the livestock painter P.G. van Os. He lived and worked in Utrecht and Amersfoort and between 1824 and 1826 was part of the painting colony of Hilversum. He specialised in landscapes with domestic livestock and animal housing, but is best known for his scenes of poultry. During his Hilversum period he probably had lessons from B.C. Koekkoek, a fellow resident. In Amersfoort Verhoesen worked almost twenty years as the town draughtsman and was also an art dealer. <br><br> insurance value: € 2,800.- <br><br> <b> starting bid: € 1,200.- Fischer's Auction
Theophile Emile Achille de Bock The Hague 1851-1904 Haarlem On the Holterberg
Theophile Emile Achille de Bock The Hague 1851-1904 Haarlem On the Holterberg oil on canvas 38.7 x 59.9 cm signed lower left Following a rather unsuccessful civil service career in the railways, Theophile de Bock trained under the painter J.W. van Borselen and later the famous J.H. Weissenbruch. His preferred subject matter was woods and landscapes with trees, and he often painted in the Dutch Veluwe region around Oosterbeek and Renkum. A great admirer of the French Barbizon painters, most notably Camille Corot, De Bock spent the years 1878-1880 in Barbizon, which left a visible imprint on his painting style. insurance value: € 6,500.- starting bid: € 3,500.- Fischer's Auction
Cornelis Springer Amsterdam 1817-1891 Hilversum The Leliestraat in Hoorn
Cornelis Springer Amsterdam 1817-1891 Hilversum The Leliestraat in Hoorn oil on panel 25 x 19.8 cm signed lower right and dated ’88 Annotatie: authenticated by the artist on the reverse: ‘De ondergeteekende verklaart dat dit schilderij voorstellende […] te Hoorn door hem is vervaardigd, Amsterdam 7 November ’88, C. Springer’ Literature: Arnold Ligthart, ‘Door het oog van Cornelis Springer (1817-1891). Een ontdekkingstocht langs de steden rondom de Zuiderzee’, Schiedam 2015, p. 103, illustration 128 (in colour). Exhibited: Hoorn, Westfries Museum, ‘La Hollande Pittoresque’, 14 July 2012-11 November 2012; Enkhuizen, Zuiderzeemuseum, ‘Door het oog van Springer’, 12 December 2015-10 April 2016. Cornelis Springer mainly painted town and village scenes in which facades and staffage are bathed in warm sunlight. Together with B.C. Koekkoek and A. Schelfhout, he belongs to the leading painters of Dutch Romanticism. Springer often assigns a prominent place to 17th and 18th century buildings in his paintings. Sometimes this is in the form of an imaginative piece of architecture, but in most cases these were existing buildings in which people rediscovered their beauty in around 1850. Springer first made a detailed sketch of these buildings which he later reworked into a painting. insurance value: € 60,000.- starting bid: € 28,000.- Fischer's Auction
Hendricus Johannes Scheeres The Hague 1829-1864
Hendricus Johannes Scheeres <br><br> The Hague 1829-1864 <br> Rembrandt in his studio, oil on panel 20.5 x 15 cm, signed l.r. and dated ’57 <br><br> H.J. Scheeres was only 11 when he became a pupil of the Hague-based genre painter Huib van Hove, who had made his name with Pieter de Hoogh-style interiors. Scheeres subsequently built on this training, specialising in interiors and genre scenes, often with sunlight slanting in, as well as pictures of figures in seventeenth century settings and armourers in their seventeenth or eighteenth century workshops. <br><br> insurance value: € 5,000.- <br><br> <b> starting bid: € 2,600.- Fischer's Auction
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