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Atena Design

ATENA DESIGN was founded by Frédéric Sioufi. In 2001, he had already opened an art gallery located at the Louvre des Antiquaires in Paris together with his wife, antique dealer Nidal Ouaiss.

Passionate about design, Frédéric opened a gallery dedicated to 20th century design in 2006 and ATENA DESIGN's website in 2014. He recently completed the transformation of his gorgeous family home in Le Vésinet into a home gallery.

"Live in art" is the motto of ATENA DESIGN and its founder. Art, as much as possible, must be part of our daily life. with this concept in mind, Frédéric transformed the home’s basement and a part of the garden into new spaces for the collection.

Furniture, lighting, pieces of art: each piece is authentically vintage and is selected with care for its originality, character, aesthetic, and the quality of its materials and manufacturing.

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Live in art – le credo infaillible de Frédéric et Nidal

Le couple Frédéric Sioufi et Nidal Ouaiss partagent leur vie mais également leur amour pour l’art et les belles choses. Ensemble, ils fondent en 2001 la Galerie Atena spécialisée dans les objets d’art du 19e siècle. Cinq ans plus tard, Frédéric assouvissait sa passion pour le design du 20e en ouvrant une deuxième galerie – Atena Design.