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KRACAUER, S. The past's threshold. Essays on photo
KRACAUER, S. The past's threshold. Essays on photography. (2014). Owrps. -- D. BARNOUW. Critical realism. History, photography, and the work of Siegfried Kracauer. (1994). Owrps. -- G. BATCHEN. Photography degree zero. Reflections on Roland Barthes's Camera Lucida. - Id. Each wild idea. - Id. Burning with desire. The conception of photography. (1997-2009). 3 vols. 4°. Or. binds. w. dust-j. -- R. BOLTON, ed. The contest of meaning. Critical histories of photography. (2nd pr. 1990). 4°. Owrps. -- And 4 o. (10). \n\n Estimated Price: ? 70 Burgersdijk Niermans
JETSES -- WORP, J. De zingende kinderwereld. Kinderliedjes voor een
JETSES -- WORP, J. De zingende kinderwereld. Kinderliedjes voor een of twee stemmen met piano-begeleiding. (Woorden van J.J.A. Goeverneur, L. Leopold & W. Reinkingh). Gron., J.B. Wolters, (1907). W. 12 chromolithogr. plates after watercolours by C. Jetses. 4°-obl. Or. clothbacked pictorial brds. (Inner margin strenthened in places, last leaf dam./rep, a bit browned). Estimated Price: € 60 Burgersdijk Niermans
WILLIRAM OF EBERSBERG. In canticum canticorum paraphrasis gemina: prior rhy
WILLIRAM OF EBERSBERG. In canticum canticorum paraphrasis gemina: prior rhythmis Latina, altera veteri lingua Francica. Ed. P. Merula. Leyden, Ex Off. Plantiniana, Chr. Raphelengius, 1598. (28), 179 pp. Cont. vellum. (Vellum on both sides rep. on edges, paste downs detached, but in good interior condition). The "Leiden Willeram" is the oldest surviving complete literary Dutch text, an autograph manuscript of an early 12th-c. Low Franconian adaptation made at Egmond Abbey of the Old High German text. Merula's edition was the first scholarly book printed in the Netherlands with an integral medieval Dutch vernacular text, in a language the editor's took for Old Dutch. - Adams, W-175. See J.P. Gumbert, "The Willeram goes to print", in Quaerendo 5 (1975), 205-17. Estimated Price: € 240 Burgersdijk Niermans
MURETUS, M.A. Epistolae. Par., R. Coulombel, in
MURETUS, M.A. Epistolae. Par., R. Coulombel, in Aldina Bibliotheca, 1580. (2), 99 lvs. Old vellum. (Spine a bit dam., bind. soiled/stained, ties fail, new endpapers, faintly stained at the beginning, but else fine). Rare first edition, not in NCC. - Adams, M-1975. Estimated Price: € 340 Burgersdijk Niermans
GUICCIARDINI, L. Beschryvinghe van alle de
GUICCIARDINI, L. Beschryvinghe van alle de Neder-landen; anderszins ghenoemt Neder-Duytslandt. Overgheset i.d. Nederduytsche spraecke, d. C. Kilianum. Nu wederom met verscheyden Historien ende aenmerck. verm. ende verciert d. P. Montanum. Amst., W. Jansz. (Blaeu), (1612). (12), 396, (26) pp. W. general map of the Netherlands, full-p. plate with the 17 coat of arms of the Netherlands, 99 (of 100) views, maps & plans on 95 plates, for the greater part double-p. & extra: 166 engr. portrs./views/maps on 156 plates. Sm-fol. Fine 18th c. cf. w. raised bands, richly dec. gilt back & brown label. (Upper joint broken/split, owner stamp of F.G.F. Lemmink on free endpaper, 1 plate lacks, extra engrs. partly cut out & mounted, 1 numb. plate laid down, some plates w. rep. on v°, a bit browned in places, but altog. a fine copy of this work). First Dutch translation of Ludovico Guicciardini's 'Descrittione di tutti Paesi Bassi' of which the first edition appeared in 1567. Guicciardini (1521-89), Italian businessman and author, left Italy in 1538 and settled down in Antwerp. His 'Descrittione' is the first detailed description of the principalities and cities of the Low Countries, which assured the author instant fame. Our copy has the four 'extra' plates of Amsterdam (as mentioned in Guicciardini Illustratus, p. 54-55). The townhouse of Middelburg (plate 61) is lacking as usual, but among the extra plates are other engravings of this townhouse. - Our copy w. deviant title-page and without the laudatory poem in French on the v°-side of the title-p. (not mentioned in Guicciardini Illustratus, 11); Tiele, 430; Boele v. Hensbroek XI; Voet III, p. 1055; see also at length H. de la Fontaine Verwey. Uit de wereld v.h. boek II, pp. 9-31. Estimated Price: € 4000 Burgersdijk Niermans
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