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5 May 1930 51 MARNE. PARIS. Obligation au Porteur de F1000. blue, green. #3500. No 44. Trimmed right border. The house of Ruinart has been making champagne since 1868. This company was formed in 1922, and operated from Reims. Boone Shares - The Scripophily Center
GREAT BRITAIN-5% Talley Bond of £100. black. Cut at all borders so that only the printed text remains (compare with lot 1609). Hence no important signatures. Issued to a John Polling D.D. The government bond is secured on the revenues of the 1708 land-tax. Interest payments every three months. Transfer note dated 1708 on the back and repaid in June 1709. This is a so-called tally bond, meaning the bond not only consists of this piece of paper (or payment order) but also of a split tally stick in wood. The other half of the stick was kept at the Exchequer so that repayment was only possible if the two halves matched. It was King Henry I who initiated the tally stick system in England around 1100. The split tally of the Exchequer was in continuous use until 1826. In 1834, the tallies themselves were ordered to be burned in a stove in the House of Parliament, but the fire went out of control setting the building afire (the biggest fire in London since the Great Fire of 1666). January 1707 Boone Shares - The Scripophily Center
15 October 1912 LONDON. Share Warrant for 25 Shares of £1. purple, black. No 1155. Somewhat worn condition with some staining and discoloured borders. Printed by Waterlow. Rare high denomination type. Boone Shares - The Scripophily Center
1919 Provisial Cert. for 100 Shares of 100 Rbls. each. blue, black. No 771. Large format certficate, text entirely in Russian. Folds and a few small edge-splits outside the printed part of the piece. Issued 1918, so after the start of the Russian Revolution. This is only the second time we see a film company from Russia. The company was named after the Greek Titan Prometheus, credited in Greek mythologie for the creation of man from clay. Prometheus is known for his intelligence and as a champion of mankind. The company was founded in 1915 under the name "Trading House R.M.Khapsajev & Co", and focussed on film distribution - as such competing with other Russian distributors such as Pathé, Khanhonkov, Transatlantik and Biofilm. The capital base of Prometey film (50.000 roubles) was too small to be able to compete againstthe 'big boys'. Yet, they there were some small commercial successes so that the initiators decided to turn the privately owned trading company into a joint-stock capital and as such raising the capital to 1,5 million roubles - as evidenced by the certificate we offer here. It was furthermore planned to also produce films themselves, and not only distributing films made by others. The management could convince several Moscow businessmen to invest (e.g. the Armenian brothers Lasar and Alexander Tarassov). The company bought a studio complex and was ready to film. Yet, at that point the Russian Revolution intervened, so we are not avare of any films they might have made. We know of only one other piece. Boone Shares - The Scripophily Center
1912 ST-PETERSBOURG. 1 Action de 250 Roubles. Serie 4. brown, black, blue. #20000. No 64526. Vignette of Mercury, with factory, train on bridge and merchandise. The bank was originally established as early as 1869, but this share is of the fourth, and probably last, issue. Boone Shares - The Scripophily Center
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