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Wooden Chimu Figure from Peru
Wooden Chimu Figure from Peru measuring 26" tall x 6" across. Estimated to be nearly 1500 years old. Condition: Fair, w/some deterioration and break to right leg. Shipping: $28. Helm Auction, Inc
Northwest Coast Carved Plaque
Northwest Coast Carved Plague measuring 22 x 3 1/2 x 1/2 inches. This item has three birds carved and very slight nicks and scratches. The Artist name is CE. Shipping $24.00. Helm Auction, Inc
Cloth Painted Kachina
This Kachina "Qoglo" foretells of good crops. He is a kind and generous kachina who comes the night before the bean dance to foretell good crops and promises toys for the children. He also is seen in solstice ceremonies. Shipping $14.50. Good condition. Kachina is painted with feathers, small beads and loin cloth. D. Harvey collection Helm Auction, Inc
Frame of Stone Frog and 4 Relics
Frame of Stone Frog and 4 Relics from Tucson, Arizona. Item measures 2" x 2". Condition: Front feet missing. Shipping: $12. Helm Auction, Inc
Huichol Tribe Fish Beaded Figure
Fancy fully beaded fish figure Huichol Tribe from Guerrero, Mexico. This is a 1950's item and measures 12x9x2 inches. It appears to be perfect. Reed collection Shipping $22.00 Helm Auction, Inc

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