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13 Books - Ma'asiyot and Hassidic Stories - Most of Them First Editions
A. Ohalei Shem. Warsaw, 1911. Bound with: Sia'ch Sarfei Kodesh. Piotrkow, 1914. Bound with: Ateret Tiferet. Bilgoraj, 1911. B. Me'orot Ha'Gdolim. Bilgoraj, 1911. C. Ma'ase Tzadikim with Divrei Tzadikim. Lemberg, 1864. Bound with: Shichei Ha'Aru. Warsaw, 1875. D. Or Ha'Meir. Lvov, 1926. E. Nifla'ot Chadashot. Piotrkow, 1897. F. Sipureu Tzadikim. Piotrkow, 1913. G. Der Shpeler Ziede. Warsaw, 1914. Added are a few additional books" Esser Atarot (two copies), Nifla'ot Ha'Maggid, Ohalei Tzadikim, Uvda De'Aharon (Jerusalem, 1948). Condition: Varying. General Condition: Good. Jerusalem of Gold Ltd.
Sidduro shel Shabbat First and Second Section ? Blue Paper
Sidduro shel Shabbat, first and second sections, with two title pages for each section. By the Rebbe Rabbi Chaim of Chernowitz. Rabbinical signatures in Ashkenazic script. The book is printed on blue paper. The name of the printer and year of printing are not noted. On the title page, there is an inscription in early script "printed in 5551 (1791)" yet the year is wrong since the first printing of the book was in 1813, when the Rebbe served as the rabbi of Mogilev. According to the Bibliography of the Hebrew Book, this edition was printed in circa 1820. [4], 60; 40 leaves. Condition: Very Good. Water stains with no damage to text. Jerusalem of Gold Ltd.
Seven Important Hassidic Books - First Editions
a. Pri Tzadik ? novaelle on the Torah, the book of Bereishit, Rosh Chodesh and Chanukah. With the book "Kedushat Shabbat" ? Hassidic sayings, and the booklet "Shevitat HaShabbat" ? halachic novaelle, by Rabbi Tzadok HaCohen of Lublin. Part one. Lublin, 1901. First edition. Title page with writing in red ink.(4), 96, 240, (10) leaves. Condition: Good. b. Chomat Ariel ? Incredible homiletics on the Torah. Nevi'im and Ketuvim, Talmud and festivals, by Rabbi Aryeh Leib Av Beit Din of Lancut and Kishinev. With the booklet "Chelek Tzadik" by Rabbi Menachem Mendel Av Beit Din of Olaszliszka, and compilations from other Rabbis. Lemberg, 1867. First edition. On the back of the title page is an approbation from Rabbi Chaim Halberstam of Sanz and Rabbi Yosef Shaul HaLevi Nathansohn. Ownership signature on the title page.(2), 74 leaves. Condition: Fair. Moth damage. c. Or HaEmmet ? saying of righteous people, excerpts from the teachings of the Rebbes Rabbi Dov Ber of Mezeritch, Rabbi Levi Yitzchak of Berdichev and others. Zhitomir, 1901. Second edition. At the beginning of the book are 12 approbations from the greatest and most important Rebbes. Two parts with two title pages. (2), 174, 54 pages. d. Mayim Rabbim ? Compilations of teachings on verses of the Bible and the legends of the Sages said by the Rebbe Rabbi Yechiel Michel of Zlotchev, with novaelle from his father Rabbi Yitzchak of Drohobycz and from his sons. Warsaw, 1899. First edition.144, 8 pages.e. VaYitzbor Yosef ? novaelle on the book of Bereishit, with compilations on Tehillim, Kriyat Shema and prayer. By Rabbi Yosef HaLevi Rothenberg, Av Beit Din of Kosson. Munk?cs, 1915. First edition.With approbations of the Rebbes Rabbi Yekutiel Teitelbaum and Rabbi Chaim of Sanz.(4), 48 leaves.f. Succat Shalom ? Order and liturgy of the Ushpizin and order of the Hakafot of the Rebbe Rabbi Chaim of Sanz. Warsaw, 1891. First edition.168 pages.g. Mevakesh Emunah ? a summary of the book "Shomer Emunim" by the Rebbe Rabbi Aharon Roth. Jerusalem, 1944. First edition.Condition: All of the books are in good condition. Jerusalem of Gold Ltd.
Rare Booklets, Some with Dedications from the Authors ? Archeology
a. Stone and Bronze Ages ? Gallery Book, Jerusalem 1937. An impressive booklet published by the Palestine Archaeological Museum (the Rockefeller Museum), written in English by typewriter on one side. The booklet was published a year before the official opening of the museum, and contains the list of exhibits in the museum and details about them according to periods. In addition, in the booklet is a sketch of the southern gallery of the museum. 106 pages. Condition: Very Good. b. Biblical History in the Light of Archaeological Discovery Since A.D 1900, David Efraim Hart-Davies, London 1935, dedication of the author. The booklet was published by Harrison and Sons Ltd. Signed by the author on the cover, with a dedication. This booklet won the prize for the best article of 1934 from the British Gunning Fund. In his article the author deals with research into the Biblical stories in light of the archeological artifacts which were discovered in Israel from the year 1900. Not found in the National Library. 40 pages. Condition: Very Good. c. The Beginning and Rise of Moslem architecture, Meir Leon Aryeh Ben-Baruch, Jerusalem 1935. Published by the publishing house next to the Hebrew university. The booklet includes the opening speech of the Archeology Professor Meir Ben-Baruch on the topic of Moslem architecture. 22 pages. Condition: Very Good. d. A Vision of the Ages, Flinders Petrie, London [1930], many photographs. Published by the British School of Archeology in Egypt. Published in honor of the jubilee celebrations of the research of Sir William Matthew Flinders Petrie (1853 ? 1942). Petrie was one of the most important British archeologists who excavated in Egypt, and is responsible for the discovery of many archeological artifacts in Egypt and Israel. The booklet deals with Petrie's investigations and is accompanied by many photographs of discoveries from his excavations. 24 pages Condition: Very Good. e. Emperor Julian and the Building of the Temple, Yochanan Levi, Jerusalem 1941, authors dedication. Special edition of the article from Yochanan Levi from the journal "Zion". On the front cover is written in the authors handwriting "with feelings of friendship". 32 pages. Condition: Very Good. f. Let the Young Men I Pray Thee Arise and Play Before Us, Yigael Yadin (Sukenik), Jerusalem 1948. An article in English by Yigael Yadin (1917 ? 1984), the well-known archeologist, discoverer and investigator of the Dead Sea Scrolls. The article was re-printed from the journal 'Journal of the Palestine Oriental Society' and it deals with the archeological aspects of the biblical battle in the Pool of Giveon (which appears in Samuel 2) between the House of David and the House of Saul. The booklet contains one picture of an engraving which is connected to the battle. 9 pages. Condition: Very Good. g. inventaire des inscriptions de palmyre, Jean Cantineau, Beirut 1930. A booklet in French by the researcher Jean Cantineau (1899 ? 1956), published by the Catholic printing house in Beirut. In the booklet is a list of the archeological artifacts which were found in the city Tadmor in Syria, accompanied by many photographs and lists from the city and from the archeological artifacts in it. 25 pages. Condition: Very Good. h. Ell Uqair - Excavations by the Iraq Government Directorate of Antiquities in 1940 and 1941, Seton Loyd and Fuad Safar, U.S.A. 1943. A booklet in English which deals with overviewing the archeological artifacts from Tel Uqair in Iraq. The booklet is an article which has been re-printed from The Journal of Near Eastern Studies. The booklet contains many photographs and lists from the archeological artifacts discovered on the site. 40 pages. Condition: Very Good. i. New Light from Armageddon, P.L.A. Guy, Chicago [1931]. Published by the University of Chicago. The booklet brings reports from the excavations which were carried out in the years 1927 ? 1929 in Megiddo, Palestine. The booklet is accompanied by very Jerusalem of Gold Ltd.
Religious Books Commentary and interpretation of all the Parashot of the Torah and several tractates of the Talmud. This book is one of the basic books of Hassidism, written by the Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Nachum of Chernobyl (1730-1798), who joined the Ba'al Shem Tiv and his follower, the Maggid of Mezritch. One of the first distributors of the Hassidic Movement. On page 103, an ownership stamp. Blue paper. 114 pp. Condition: Good. Unoriginal cover. The cover, spine and the last four pages are slightly detached. A small number of pages have tears. Few moth holes. Due to the bounding of the book, several pages have been cut at their head with slight damage to the text. Jerusalem of Gold Ltd.
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