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19th Century African Americana - Stereoview Photo - Sugar Levee, New Orleans
Historic 19th century stereoview card photographs of a sugar levee in Louisiana. Identifying text below images reads, "The sweetest spot on earth - sugar levee beside the Mississippi, New Orleans, La." Print along right and left sides of card cites the publishers as "Underwood & Underwood." Print on verso provides a history of sugar and the significance of the crop in the states. Measuring approximately 7 x 3.5 and mounted on charcoal-colored cardstock, this stereoview photograph card is in fine condition. JG Autographs
19th Century Blast Furnace, Alabama - Albumen Photograph - Vintage Photography
Vintage 19th century mounted albumen photograph of a blast furnace in Alabama. Entitled, "Blast Furnace and Molding Floor / Alabama" with "The Philadelphia Museum" printed in the bottom right corner, text on verso describes the scene, in part: "Iron ore, limestone and fuel (coke or coal) are dumped into the top of the furnace high above the roof of this shed. Heated air is supplied from towers, one of which is faintly seen in the background to the right of the furnace." Measuring approximately 12 x 9.5, this albumen photograph is in very good condition, with some wear to the corners and a tear to the mount, not affecting the photograph. JG Autographs
H.G. Wells - Prolific English Writer - Authentic Autographed Letter
Herbert George "H. G." Wells (September 21, 1866 ? August 13, 1946), prolific English writer in many genres, including the novel, history, politics, and social commentary, and textbooks and rules for war games, authentic, autographed letter (ALS) on stationery embossed ?Spade House, Sandgate,? [England], March 17, 1902. To Miss Mary Rawlings. Five months after the publication of his latest book, ?The First Men in the Moon,? H.G. Wells will not present his book to a library because ?to write a book of this sort in the place of ?popular? fiction means a direct loss to me of several hundred pounds? I think it is for some one else to buy & distribute the book?? ?The First Men in the Moon,? published in late September 1901, was H.G. Wells? latest work at the time of this letter. Three pages, 4.5 x 7 inches, front & verso on two conjoined sheets. In very good condition showing light toning with white discoloration and mounting trace to verso. JG Autographs
19th Century Women - 1800s Carte-de-visites - Collection of 20 Photographs
Collection of twenty original Carte-de-visites featuring women of various ages, all clad in period clothing. Offering includes two portraits from the photographer credited with introducing Carte-de-visite photographs to the United States, Charles D. Fredricks. Measuring approximately 2.5 x 4, these Carte-de-visite photographs are in overall fine condition. JG Autographs
Civil War Union Soldiers - 19th Century Photography - Vintage Albumen Photo
Civil War Union Soldiers, authentic, original albumen photograph, presented in a vintage framed display. Featured here is a group of Union soldiers, seated in the woods. Measuring approximately 8.5 x 6.5 and framed to 13.75 x 11, this albumen photograph is in very good condition, with the expected age wear, toning and surface marks. The vintage frame is also in very good condition, aside from minor scuffing. JG Autographs
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