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Pudding mold
Pressed copper, tinned interior, round shape, riveted handle with a loop for hanging, wired rim, probably Germany, 2nd half of 19th cent., 8.7 cm in diameter. Condition 2 Antikvity
Japanese Hanging Scroll Painting, Samurai Armour
Ink and paints on paper, paper mount. Samurai armour yoroi. Japanese, 19th century, dimensions 59 x 159 cm. Folds and water stains. Condition 2- Antikvity
Double-edged, straight blade, lenticular in cross-section. On outer side stamped king´s head. Iron hilt. Wooden grip covered with leather. Loop basket, brass cat´s head-shaped pommel. Probably Venice, 19th century, length 102 cm. Condition 2 Antikvity
Set of the Tibetan Objects
Two vajras, bronze, 19th century, length 10 and 9.3 cm. Silver earrings with red coral, length 14 cm. Tibetan flint striker, steel leather, 19th century, length 7.5 cm. Two wooden printing plates, 19th century, dimensions 25 x 8 cm and 10.5 x 8.5 cm, condition 2 Antikvity
Double-edged, straight blade with two fullers and central groove on both sides. Central point. Silver púlate grip and scabbard with niello decoration of floral and linear ornaments. Scabbard with fixed ring. Russia, 19th century, length 49 cm. Fine condition without restoration. Condition 1-2 Antikvity
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