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ShuiMoYu Bangle
A Fine ShuiMoYu Bangle, pink color, well cut semi- round edge; d:7.5x 6 cm; 63g Eins Auction Appraisal
Set of Five Chinese Porcelain Canton Pots
Set of five Chinese porcelain Canton pots, in gradulate size. Good condition. ; d10 x 9cm ; 597g Eins Auction Appraisal
Chinese Jade Pendant Carved Totem Faces
Charming jade bate, carved with faces of cows on one side and totem dragon faces on another. Good condition. ; d6.5x0.6cm ; 65g Eins Auction Appraisal
Attribute to HaiXiaLaoRen | Lotus
A Chinese Painting, featuring on Lotus , signed and sealed; attributed to HaiXiaLaoRen. Eins Auction Appraisal
Chinese ink and watercolor Painting Eagle
Chinese Watercolor ink on paper, Eagle, hanging on scroll, signed and sealed Shen De Qiang ; 240 x 118cm Eins Auction Appraisal
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