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Native West Coast Bone Bracelet Carving
Signed Joe Kun Yuk Renew Gallery
19th Century Louis XVI Style Victorian Sette
Ca. 19th Century Victorian Settee in the Louis XVI style. Measurements: 56"L X 28"W X 44"H Renew Gallery
Original Watercolor by Ray Warren "Tarental Clearing 1st Narrows"
Ray Warren, CSMA was born in Vancouver and developed an interest in shipping, the maritime scene and railways at an early age. He graduated in 1967 from the Vancouver School of Art (now Emily Carr College of Art and Design) in commercial design and worked in the graphic art industry in department store advertising, industrial photography and packaging. In 1978 he began commercial art on a freelance basis to devote more time to painting and researching the maritime history of B.C. In the early '90s he returned to the graphics trade as Art Director of a local tourist publication while still remaining an active watercolorist. <BR> Ray's interest in world shipping has led to photographic travels to Japan, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Malaysia and his favorites, Hong Kong and Singapore. He has a collection of thousands of photos and several have appeared in publications on marine and railway subjects. <BR> Painted in 1978. <BR> Measurements: 31"W x 24"H (framed) 24"W x 18"H (unframed) Renew Gallery
19th Century Hanging Oil Lamp/Amber shade
19th Century style hanging oil lamp of very unusual style, totally complete with all shades including amber to shade Renew Gallery
Original Oil Painting by Mel Heath
Mel was born in Sutherland, Saskatchewan in 1930, receiving his education at Sutherland Public School and City Park Collegiate until graduating in 1948. In his teens the well known prarie watercolor artist Robert Hurley introduced him to the watercolor medium. Hurley took Mel on several painting excursions in the Saskatoon district, which furthered his interest in the watercolor medium. Watercolor painted in 1974. Measurements: 20"H X 24"W (unframed) 25"H X 29"W (framed) Renew Gallery
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