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"SWAMP ROOT" ALMANAC - Current Bid: $40.00
"SWAMP ROOT" ALMANAC "Dr. Kilmer's Swamp Root Almanac" for 1941, 34pp. 8vo., an almanac promoting the use of a 22-proof patent medicine with advertisements on almost every other page. The product promises to be a "diuretic of the kidneys" resulting in increased amount of urine. Ingredients also include Venice turpentine, now used to toughen horse hooves. Alexander Historical Auctions
BEATLES HAMBURG "STAR CLUB" FACADE RELIC Substantial ornamental section of the exterior of the famous Hamburg Star-Club which achieved worldwide renown through the performances of The Beatles, who played there 13 April - 31 May, 1–14 November, and 18–31 December 1962. The building at 39 Grosse Freiheit, Hamburg, which stood for decades, was razed following a fire in the 1980s. This relic is a section of carved stone, possibly dating to the 1800s, weathered and with evidence of paint, but with decorative elements still intact. Measures approximately 13" x 10" x 9", and rather heavy, as expected. The German photographer and music historian Gunter Zint rescued this piece of the facade from the rubble, and it later made its way into the famous collection of Uwe Blaschke. Alexander Historical Auctions
IRVING THALBERG (1899-1936) The "Boy Wonder", American film producer during the early years of motion pictures, he had an extraordinary talent for putting together the right team to make the best, most profitable films. Partly-printed Louis B. Mayer Studios pay check, Los Angeles, Mar, 28, 1923 making a $75.00 payment to actor, director and production manager SIDNEY ALGIER who endorses the check on verso. Two small marginal tears, else very good. Alexander Historical Auctions
N.S.D.A.P. DISTRICT BANNER - Current Bid: $200.00
N.S.D.A.P. DISTRICT BANNER N.S.D.A.P. two-sided district banner, 53" x 45", aluminum fringe, seven round suspension rings sewn to the hoist, bearing a brown patch with the district name "Ohrnberg" sewn at upper-left. Some moderately large black and blue stains on either side, with scattered mothing. Alexander Historical Auctions
WEST GERMAN POLICE OVERCOAT West German police overcoat, issued to a sergeant first class, heavy green wool with dark green collar, epaulettes each with two pips, lining fine. Overall excellent condition and an attention-getter on the ski slopes! Alexander Historical Auctions
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