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"REMEMBER PEARL HARBOR" CIVIL DEFENSE HELMET \n\nWhite-painted steel civil defense helmet, marked on the rear inside rim as being manufactured by McCord, as well as "U.S. Gov't Property O[ffice of] C[ivil] D[efense]", With a grey webbing liner and chin strap. Most interestingly, the front of the helmet has been painted with a large 48-star American flag, with the slogan "Remember Pearl Harbor" in red paint on the front rim. The rear of the helmet bears the additional slogan "Avenge December 7", also in red paint. The interior of the helmet dome bears the pencil inscription "6-4-1942 Alex Candelori 35 Colleg St Trenton NJ". This may record the artist and the date on which the helmet was decorated, although this cannot be confirmed. Shows some surface oxidation and minor chipping to the paint at the extremities, else very good. 200-300 Alexander Historical Auctions
929. SLAVE MORTGAGE An interesting A.D.S. by James Montgomery, 2pp. legal folio, Wilkes County, Georgia, July 22, 1821, being an indenture between Lampton and James Montgomery for a tract of land, and also includes "...A Certain Negroe man slave about twenty one years of age call [sic] and known by the name of Deck now in possession of the said James Montgomery. Now the condition of the above impressment is such that...the said James Montgomery shall will and truly pay or cause to be paid to the said Lampton...". Central fold with small split at central, reinforced with archival tape, otherwise very good. $300-400 Alexander Historical Auctions
ALLACH DECORATIVE PLATE Decorative ceramic plate made at the SS-owned Allach factory at Dachau which was staffed with slave laborers. The 13" diameter plate bears a sky blue bowl with a 1 1/2" unglazed rim bearing runic swirls and triangles. The underside of the plate bears a speckled green glaze and presents the stylized SS runes of the Allach factory. Fine. Alexander Historical Auctions
1222. MIKHAIL GORBACHEV D.S., 1p. 4to., [n.p., n.d.], the preface of a book he has written, likely his memoirs, largely introspective content discussing his feelings about the events in Russia in August, 1991. Boldly signed, matted, fine. $100-150 Alexander Historical Auctions
638. CHESTER W. NIMITZ (1885 - 1966) American admiral, Commander in Chief of the U.S. Pacific Fleet during World War II and largely responsible for the successful "island-hopping" campaign against the Japanese. Superb association I.S.P. 8 1/2" x 12" b/w, a head and shoulders image boldly inscribed in the bottom blank margin: "For the Lincoln Shrine - Lincoln Room - Wills Building C. W. Nimitz, Fleet Admiral, U.S. Navy". The Lincoln Memorial Shrine in Redlands, CA, was created in 1932, and now contains thousands of manuscripts and volumes on Lincoln. Simply matted and framed, very good condition, not examined out of frame.  $600 - 800 Alexander Historical Auctions
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