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Yoruba Divination Vessel with Lid and Guardian Figures Nigeria African Art
Additional Information: This vessel represents a truly remarkable carving in the Yoruba tradition.  It appears to be carved from one piece of heavy, dense wood.  The latice work of the main portion is impressive, but the focal point is definitely the carved figure contained therein.  The inside figure was presumably carved through the holes of the latice!  The top of the carving is a bowl with a lid, and on the lid are several guardian figures with common Yoruba features.  The piece shows significant age and layers of encrustation and possible pigment which suggest possible use.   There is a large corpus of Yoruba sculpture known and identified as to symbol and meaning identified to the various orishas or deities. Yoruba traditional religion has a structured pantheon of the deities known as Orisha numbering between 400 and 700 individual Yoruba gods that may share powers and attributes that are articulated in sculptural form. Further Readings:R. F. Thompson: Black Gods and Kings: Yoruba Art at UCLA, (Los Angeles, 1971) M. H. Houlberg: Ibeji Images of the Yoruba , African Arts, vii/1, 1973, pp. 20-27, 91-2 M. Stoll and G. Stoll: Ibeji: Twin Figures of the Yoruba, (Munich, 1980) Abiodun, A, H. J. Drewal and J. Pemberton III: Yoruba Art and Aesthetics, (Zurich,1991) Recommended Reading: R. F. Thompson: Black Gods and Kings: Yoruba Art at UCLA, (Los Angeles, 1971) W. Fagg and J. Pemberton III: Yoruba Sculpture of West Africa, (New York, 1982) H. J. Drewal and J. Pemberton III, with R. Abiodun Yoruba: Nine Centuries of African Art and Thought, (New York, 1989) Africa Direct
2 Kente Cloth Pillowcases Black and White African 16 x 16 inch
2 pillowcases only, no pillow inerts included in this listing.Pair of pillows made with a vintage Kente cotton handwoven textile from Ghana. The black fabric is a 100% polyester suede. Zipper in the center back. Spot clean only, Kente colors may bleed. We do not recommend laundering textiles, and do not accept returns of textiles which have been laundered in any manner.  Even dry cleaning is too much for some of these antique textiles.  For some of them, a very gentle HAND washing  (NEVER MACHINE, on any setting)  in cool water with a very gentle detergent works, but even then, dyes may not be colorfast, and fabric may be less strong than it appears. Africa Direct
Luba Board For Divination Couple on Top DR Congo African
Additional Information: A Luba divination board carved with a couple of female figures standing on the top. Motifs on the board depict a village life with moon, sun, star, knife, adzes, house and tree,  Not much is known about these symbols. Among the Luba, such boards were used as a divination board or a lukasa memory device that records a clan history. The diviner or a local historian is the only one able to interpret the symbols on the board. The Luba have a number of different forms of divination used to determine the causes of misfortune or illness or family difficulties or simply the bad side of human experiences. This is one of them. Some of the greatest examples of Luba art serve specific roles in divination. Among the core Luba divination is known as Kashekesheke or  Katatora (among the Songye).  The small sculpture would be held by the diviner and the patient who would rub it on the board or possibly a mat or even on the ground. The diviner would pose questions and the small moving sculpture would provide answers through its movements and conversation between the diviner and the patient. Recommended Reading: Nooter, M. N. and  A. F. Roberts. 1996. Memory, Luba Art and the Making of History Africa Direct
Turkana Apron Married Woman Metal Beads Kenya Africa
A Turkana Leather Apron with metal beads worn by married women with a long strap made our of  leather strands.  Africa Direct
Tutsi Lidded Basket Rwanda Africa
Lidded baskets such as this are among the most exquisite artworks made by the Tutsi women. Africa Direct
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