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WE SHIP! The AEAA is very proud to present this valuable & highly collectible pair of Black Forest hand carved German statuette figures, one signed 7/29/90, from the ancestral heritage of German wood carving, Oberammergau (early 16th century). The double figures are very special, with a Bayern foot plaque, and the single girl is also extremely fine workmanship. Both weigh 10 oz. and our pair measures 4.25 x 6 inches tall. Our valuable pair is from the living estate of Ailene & Buddy Ford, noted lifelong collectors / dealers of fine antiques. The most famous woodworking family from Oberammergau region is that of Franz Joseph Albl (born in 1556). This loyal family has dedicated themselves to proliferate the carving destiny of the Magical Mountain Village, and an Albl has controlled the family business for 450 years, including the present day! Current Albl information is as follows: ALBL OBERAMMERGAU WOODCARVINGS; Verlegergasse 12, 82487 Oberammergau, GERMANY. Telephone - +49 (0)8822.945185; fax - +49 (0)8822.1507; Email - info@albl-oberammergau.com. Accurate Estate Auctions & Appraisals
The following treasure is from the living estate of Ailene & Buddy Ford; noted dealers and lifelong collectors of exceptional antique & vintage heirlooms. Presented for your consideration this The Department 56 Heritage Village Collection - Dickens Village Series - Buildings: WHITE HORSE BAKERY 5926-9; RARE SCROOGE & MARLEY COUNTING HOUSE 6500-5; and NEPHEW FRED'S FLAT 5557-3. Accessory: "LAMP LIGHTER 3 PC SET RETIRED and NICHOLAS NICKLEBY 5929-3 - Total Weight: 5# 4 oz. *** Measurements: "Nephew Fred's Flat" box measured for reference - 8 x 5.25 x 10"tall Accurate Estate Auctions & Appraisals
We are excited about this little urn, our research indicates its mostly likely a one-of-a-kind studio pottery Memorial Cremation Urn. This footed & covered urn has a distinctly Asian themed appearance at the base with the cutout foot, it is Artist signed underneath Stuart in block letters. The 8.5 inch high piece is VERY lightweight and the pierced base is a different material than the body of the urn. The body seems to be a soft paste type pottery, we can see what appears to be kiln/stilt marks INSIDE the vase. The base is undecorated, the body of the urn is stained green at top and base and lightly glazed on the body in a cream color with a shiny finish. There is overall light surface crazing to the outside, heavier crazing inside. The finial is outstanding, it is shaped, carved and has a center hole, the glaze on the lid is stained to match the rest of the urn. ...........Weight : 1 lb Measurements: 8.5 inches high to finial; 4 inches across top Accurate Estate Auctions & Appraisals
For your consideration this classic Buddy L , circa 1976 , old fashioned cash register / bank **** Buddy L started as the Moline Press Steel Company, F.A. Lundahl, president and founder. This company flourished stamping out fenders, door panels and other pressed-steel truck and auto parts in an East Moline, Illinois factory. In 1913, they changed their name to the Moline Pressed Steel Company. This is the name that later appeared on the now classic line of toy vehicles, machinery, and railroad trains until 1930. Lundahl enjoyed doing business with International Harvester and many other automobile makers. Arthur Brown Lundahl was born Nov 16, 1915, and was nicknamed "Buddy L" by many of his friends, as there was already another Buddy living in their neighborhood. This nickname would stick, and later became the name of the Company. The Buddy L line of toys actually started in 1921 while Fred Lundahl was working on a large contract for sheet-metal parts from the International Harvester Company. He started to make a small miniature model of the complete international truck for his son. He was doing this more for recreation and with the thought of making something for him that would not break and interest him in the work. He made some toys and off he went to the New York Toy Show with some samples, and the rest is history. *** Weight: 2# - Measurements: 6.5 x 6.5 x 7.25 Accurate Estate Auctions & Appraisals
WE SHIP! The AEAA is exceptionally pleased to present this lot representing a marvelous pair of highly decorative Mantilla style Celluloid combs from the 1920s. We offer 3 and 4 tine combs, one is a classic Spanish Mantilla comb in a deep rich tortoise shell, and the other is a black plus yellow lite amber Art Deco example, both with stunning green rhinestones (missing 1 & 3 respectively). Each is in excellent condition, weighing 2 oz. and the larger measures 3.375 by 5.75 inches tall. These fantastic Mantilla combs have become highly valuable & collectible. This exceptional pair is from the living estate of Ailene & Buddy Ford, noted dealers and collectors of exceptional antique & vintage heirlooms. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Decorative combs are an accessory that date back to as early as the Stone Age. Many different cultures have used comb-like pieces to secure the hair in place. Although found in many parts of the world, decorative combs proliferated in the Mediterranean area for centuries. However, in the 18th century and forward, the Spanish culture redefined the decorative hair comb for all time. The term Spanish Mantilla comb, is often used generically for any decorative hair comb with a high upstanding cresting that rises up proud from the top of the head when placed in position. However, the Spanish Mantilla comb or Peinita (its real name), is the accessory which is part of the beautiful and traditional native dress worn in certain parts of Spain, notably Andalusia. Nonetheless, these combs were & are also worn in other Spanish speaking parts of the world such as Mexico and South American states. We are all familiar with the Peinita, where the enormous cresting rises from six to twelve inches above the wearers head, and supports a beautiful lace veil. They have been high fashion throughout the 19th and 20th centuries. Mantilla combs are still to this day a favorite choice for brides of Spanish descent, while smaller versions are favored by those interested in Flamenco or other forms of Spanish dance. In the past these beautiful combs were made from hand carved tortoiseshell, horn or filigree metalwork. Today the mantilla comb continues to be a popular choice for dressing up at parties or pageants, but is more likely to be made from faux tortoise effect celluloid, or one of the modern acrylics. Accurate Estate Auctions & Appraisals
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