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New England Folk Art Woven Wire Miniature Child Basket Tray 1800s
This is an outstanding darling antique miniature wire wrapped and woven tray basket from New England circa 1800s. _Children were taught early the art of homemaking. _This fine example of miniature folk art wirework was made for a child to mimic a larger version made for household use. _The antique woven miniature wirework basket has a beautiful twisted design. The antique woven wire is heavy in weight and thickness and is very solid and sturdy._ North Bayshore Antiques
New England Colonial Wrought Iron Hanging Herb Drying Rack 1700s
This is a four prong hanging wrought iron drying hook rack from New England, circa 1700s. The wrought iron drying hook rack was used in a colonial open-hearth kitchen for drying herbs and hanging small game. The drying rack has four wrought iron hooks and large center hole. The drying rack has a long wrought iron handle with a hook on the end for hanging and gripping. Each wrought iron hook is handmade and slightly different in size. You can see the scorching and pitting on the wrought iron from the open hearth fireplace. North Bayshore Antiques
New England Huge Redware Pottery Fish Food Mold 1800s
This is a huge redware folk art fish design food mold from New England, circa 1800's. The redware fish food mold has a rich dark pumpkin color glaze on the inside and rim. The pumpkin glaze slip was dripped over the rim of the fish food mold making striped markings on the outer surface of the mold. The outer surface of the fish mold has a natural earthen darkened patina from use and age. The redware fish food mold stands upon raised tripod legs and there is a beautiful strong old wired hanger that has been secured to one of the tripod legs for hanging (see photo). North Bayshore Antiques
Colonial Pair English Solid Brass Candlesticks Ca 1700s
This is a pair of English solid brass candlesticks circa early 1700's. During the Colonial period, candles were a primary source of light and were widely used by the early settlers. Much of what they used for candlesticks was imported and brass appears to have been the choice for households that could afford them. Prior to the 19th century, candlesticks made of solid brass were quite heavy. The pair of brass candlesticks are threaded with a long solid shaft that screws into the threaded turned brass base (see photo). Each of the brass candlesticks has a slight variation in size because they were cast and turned by hand. There are slight casting marks on the early candlesticks and unmarked. Each brass candlestick is nearly 2 pounds in weight! MEASUREMENTS: One candlestick is 8 ¼ inches high and the other is 8 ½ inches high. Both are 3 inches wide at the base. North Bayshore Antiques
New England Open Hearth Wrought Iron Fireplace Shovel Heart 1700s
This is a blacksmith made colonial wrought iron heart decorated folk art open hearth fireplace shovel from New England circa 1700s for your consideration. The scoop of the wrought iron open hearth fireplace shovel has a tapered blade and turned up sides and back to pickup and keep red hot coals from spilling. The handle is made of a single piece forged wrought iron. The beginning of the wrought iron bar is flattened and attached to the scoop by two large wrought rivets. The other end of the handle is also flattened to form a grip for ease of handling. What makes this fireplace shovel so special is the decorative heart shaped handle. When hung on a wall the early shovel makes an early primitive statement piece. A wrought iron folk art open hearth fireplace shovel like this would have been given as a wedding gift and treasured over the centuries. North Bayshore Antiques
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