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New England Native American Cherry Effigy Spoon Ladle 1800s
This is a Native American Woodlands Indian effigy ceremonial ladle or spoon from New England, circa 1820s. The wooden effigy spoon was hand carved from a single piece of cherry wood. The spoon has a long handle for stirring and serving from pot on the open. On the end of the long handle is a carved effigy, which appears to be a beaver with a tail shaped like a hook for hanging. North Bayshore Antiques
Colonial Open Hearth Wrought Iron Hanging Pot or Game Hook 1700s
This is a hanging wrought iron open hearth pot or small game hanging rack from New England, circa 1700s. The wrought iron hook was used in a colonial open-hearth kitchen for hanging pots and cooking small game in the fireplace. The wrought iron hook would have hung from a trammel or crane in the open hearth. The hook has two large wrought iron hooks for holding the pots or game and a small wrought iron hook for hanging. Each wrought iron hook is handmade and slightly different in size. You can see the scorching and pitting on the wrought iron from the open hearth fireplace. North Bayshore Antiques
Colonial Wrought Iron Wood Handle Dough Scraper 1700s
This is a wrought iron dough scrapper with a wooden handle from New England, circa 1700s. A dough scraper was a useful tool found in the open-hearth kitchens of the early colonial home. It was usually a hand wrought piece of iron that was secured with a wooden handle. The dough scrapper has a wrought iron scrapper spade shaped and that is secured in a thick oak handle. North Bayshore Antiques
New England Shaker Paint Decorated Rug Whip Beater 1890s
This is an antique New England Shaker hand turned paint decorated rug whip from Mount Lebanon Community, New York circa 1890s for your consideration. The "Shaker Rug Whip" was not a Shaker invention, their role was refining it. A non-Shaker named Charles Comstock patented one style a softwood handle with steam bent cane (rattan) in 1898, and assigned the manufacturing rights to the North Family at Mount Lebanon. There, under the direction of Brother Levi Shaw (1819 - 1908), the community made whips between 1898 and the first years of the twentieth century. The Shaker Rug Whip has a hand turned handle made of solid piece of cherry wood. The whip is steam bent cane that is inserted into the handle and attached with square nails. One side of the handle has minor imperfection where the square nail has gone missing. A replacement nail was added to strongly secure the whip to the handle as an early repair. This does not diminish the character and adds to the authenticity of this used household item. The Antique New England Shaker Rug Whip is strong and sturdy. One side of the handle is painted with the Shaker Canterbury Red paint that would be displayed when hanging on the wall. North Bayshore Antiques
Pennsylvania Folk Art Drawings in Gilded Frames Dated 1903
This is a collection of four folk art drawings framed, signed by artist, and dated 1903 from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. All four drawings are signed LH. The four colorful drawings are: two song birds dated June 17, 1903, a black and white dog in a landscape, a brown and white dog by a fence, and a colorful farm scene dated Jan. 28, 1903. North Bayshore Antiques
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