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Colonial New England Primitive Large Carved Cherry Butter Paddle 1700s
This is an early colonial outstanding cherry wooden butter paddle from New England, circa 1700s for your consideration. One can just imagine the workmanship and time that the carver took to make this early colonial butter paddle out of one solid piece of cherry wood with a thick grip handle. There is a hook on the end of the thick handle for gripping the side of a butter or dough bowl. The hand carved butter paddle is of fine workmanship has an exemplary primitive quality. North Bayshore Antiques
Apple Box Gathering Basket w Bentwood Handle
This is a wooden apple gathering basket box from New England circa 1800s. Baskets are useful objects that have served man in every aspect of daily life from the field to the table, from the garden to the market and from the sewing room to the laundry. The apple basket box is handmade of wood and has canted sides, which are mitered and secured by early handmade nails. The apple basket box has a strong and thick bentwood handle that is attached to the sides by old nails. The apple basket box is deep welled and large in size. Notice the age appropriate patina and wear that graces the outside bottom of the Wooden Apple Box from decades of use. There are a couple of minor age and drying cracks that are secure and strong and add charm, authenticity and character to the Antique Wooden Box Basket (see photos). North Bayshore Antiques
Folk Art Childs Toy Miniature Three Piece Wash Tub Set 1800s
This is an antique handmade three piece wash tub child's play or toy set from New England, circa 1800s. The antique child's wash tub set is an exact image of a real size wooden wash tub, hand wringer and three cloth's pins used by mother to do the family's laundry. It was important for little girls to learn the art of homemaking and doing household chores early on in life. These antique wooden pieces are handmade and the wash tub was hand turned from a solid piece of tiger oak. The handmade wooden hand wringer turns freely with the tiny wooden knob handle. North Bayshore Antiques
Cast Iron Open Hearth Scotch Bowl Bail Handle Early Repair 1700s
This is a colonial open hearth cooking cast iron bowl from New England circa 1700s. The cast iron bowl with a bail handle is called a scotch bowl or scotch kettle. Scotch bowls were used in colonial open hearth kitchens for everything from cooking to heating water for washing. Scotch bowls did not have lids. What makes this cast iron bowl is the musket ball hole that is an early patch repair filled with copper (see photos). The cast iron bowl has a hand wrought iron bail handle with finely pointed pig tail ends. The cast iron bowl has a long thick raised gate mark on the bottom that is time appropriate for the mid 18th century. There are three raised feet on the bottom of the cast iron bowl. North Bayshore Antiques
Huge New England Shaker Apple Gathering Basket 1800s
This New England Shaker huge apple gathering basket from Sabbathday Lake Shaker Community, Maine, circa 1800s. The Shaker apple gathering basket is handmade of oak wood. The basket has copper tacks throughout that were used to secure the bentwood oak slats to the bentwood circular bands that form the rim. The handles on the Shaker apple gathering basket are flat and one inch wide. There are two rounded wooden planks on the bottom of the basket. One rounded plank is on the inside of the basket and the other is on the very bottom. The inside wooden rounded plank has some loss, due to the fact that the basket was used to gather clams by a Maine fisherman in it's later life. The bottom plank is undamaged and supports the study strong antique basket. North Bayshore Antiques
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