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Indian - British India
Queen Victoria, 1862 silver rupees with the following varieties bust B, reverse II, dots 0/3 (2), 0/10, 2/0 (5); bust C, reverse II, 1/2 (2, one illustrated ex Album); (KM.473.1). One toned, others generally bright, good very fine - good extremely fine. (10) \nEx Stephen Album for the variety 1/2. Noble Numismatics Pty Ltd
Stamps - Other Properties
Sweden, cover (3) one together with letter fixed with a 4 skilling blue dated 22. 12. 1857 from Stockholm (SG.2a); together another cover fixed with 24 and 3 ore to Berlin from Stockholm 22.5.1870 (SG 9 and 12); another cover fixed with 3 and 20 ore (Fixed with a 3 ore 5 ore and 20 ore, to Finland 23.8.1870 from Stockholm 63 (SG 6, 12 and 15). Used. (3) Noble Numismatics Pty Ltd
Aust. Gold - Imperial Sovereigns - St George Reverse
Queen Victoria, old head, 1893 Melbourne. Surface marks, mirror-like fields, extremely fine. Noble Numismatics Pty Ltd
Uniforms & Accoutrements
NSW Military Forces, pre Federation dress belt with buckle (Grebert p96) in brass and with attached sword belt sling with buckle (Grebert p102) in brass. Fine. Noble Numismatics Pty Ltd
World Silver & Bronze Coins - USA, 1900 LAFAYETTE
World Silver & Bronze Coins - USA, 1900 LAFAYETTE SILVER DOLLAR. Toned, uncirculated. Noble Numismatics Pty Ltd
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