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Great Britain Silver & Bronze
George V, fourth coinage, wreath crown, 1928 (S.4036). Good very fine. Noble Numismatics Pty Ltd
World Historical Medals
China, Republic, WWII KMT Government (National People's Party under Chiang Kai-shek), Victory Commemorative Medal, silver plated enamel neck badge (60mm). Very fine. Noble Numismatics Pty Ltd
Orders, Decorations & Medals - British Singles
Queen's South Africa Medal, 1899 - clasp - Cape Colony. 1075 Pte C.J.Pether C.I.V. Impressed. Toned, very fine. Noble Numismatics Pty Ltd
Roman Gold Coins
Theodosius II, (A.D. 402-450), gold solidus (4.49 g), Constantinople mint, 10th officina, struck 408-420, obv. D N THEO DOSIVS P F AVC, pearl-diadmed, helmeted, and cuirassed bust facing slightly right, holding in right hand spear over shoulder and shield decorated with horseman motif, rev. CONCORDI A AVCCI, Constantinopolis enthroned facing, head right, foot on prow, holding sceptre in right hand and Victory set on globe in left, star to left, in exergue, CONOB, (S.21127, RIC X 202, Depeyrot 73/2; MIRB 12b). Good extremely fine with areas of underlying lustre. Noble Numismatics Pty Ltd
Australian Gold - Imperial Half Sovereigns QUEEN
Australian Gold - Imperial Half Sovereigns QUEEN VICTORIA, 1883 Sydney (McD.25a). Dusty part tone, original mint bloom, nearly uncirculated. Noble Numismatics Pty Ltd
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