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Viva Las Vegas One-Sheet Movie Poster, 1964
Viva Las Vegas is considered by many to be one of Elvis? best films, highlighted by legendary songs and the natural chemistry between the two stars, Elvis and Ann-Margret. Elvis plays Lucky Jackson, who heads to Las Vegas to win the Grand Prix. In the process of raising the money he needs to repair his racecar, he crosses paths with Rusty Martin, the swimming instructor played by Ann-Margret. The fast-paced, twisted plot makes for a fun ride for the audience. The reverse of the poster is stamped ?Viva Las Vegas 1SH 64/99? in red. Accompanied by a letter of authenticity from Graceland Authenticated. The one-sheet poster measures approximately 41 by 27 inches (104.1 x 68.6 cm). The Auction at Graceland
Elvis Presley "I'll Be Back" 45 RPM Record "For Special Academy Consideration"
In the 22nd movie of his film career, Elvis plays the role of Mike McCoy, part-time lead singer in a band and part-time race car driver, who finds himself on the receiving end of the adoration of three women. Spinout, directed by Norman Taurog and released by MGM in October 1966, grossed more than $3 million at the box office and reached #57 on the year-end list of top grossing films. The soundtrack album of the same name was released in conjunction with the movie and contained 12 tracks, including the song "I'll Be Back," which was recorded by Elvis earlier that year on February 17th at Radio Recorders in Hollywood. The album was the 27th of Elvis' career. The offered extremely rare 45 record with the RCA Victor label noting "4-834-115" and "For Special Academy Consideration Only" has a blank label on the reverse. This 45, in an original RCA paper sleeve and measuring 6 7/8 inches in diameter (17.46 cm), is offered with a letter from Paul Lichter that reads, "The 45 rpm mint copy of 'I'll Be Back' was pressed by RCA for members of the Motion Picture Academy in the hope that they would nominate 'I'll Be Back' for an Academy Award for the best song appearing in a motion picture that year. Elvis sang this song in the closing segment of the film 'Spinout'. It has been quoted that RCA pressed as little as twenty-five copies of this 45 rpm recording and only three copies are known to still exist. This copy is the only mint example among them." This rare copy of the 45 for "I'll Be Back" is accompanied by a letter of authenticity from Graceland Authenticated. The Auction at Graceland
1968 "Stay Away, Joe" Script Dated September 5, 1967 - Starring Elvis
Stay Away, Joe is a Western musical satirical farce in which Elvis plays Joe Lightcloud, a Navajo who convinces his Congressman to allow him to prove that Navajos can successfully raise cattle on the reservation. A series of calamities ensue, leaving Joe to raise money by any means he can. Stay Away, Joe, released by MGM in March 1968, is Elvis’ 26th movie and a departure from his typical musical romantic comedy roles. In this film, Elvis sings only four tunes and plays a rougher, brawling, Native American womanizer. The offered script for the film is a later-stage final script evolution as evidenced by the plethora of blue replacement sheets, which are used in later versions of scripts when changes were made to avoid having to reprint entire scripts and actors having to transcribe their personal notations. The yellow-toned cover states that the script is “Property of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc / No One is Authorized to Dispose of Same / Please do not lose or destroy this / script. Return to Script Dept.” This copy, dated September 5, 1967, in the lower right and numbered 8 in the upper right corner, obviously never made it back to its intended destination. This rare original production company copy of the working script which measures approximately 8 1/2 by 11 inches (21.59 x 27.94 cm) is accompanied by two full-color mini lobby cards, each measuring approximately 8 by 10 inches (20.32 x 25.4 cm) and a letter of authenticity from Graceland Authenticated. The Auction at Graceland
Elvis Presley "Way Down" RCA Promotional Poster and Copy of the Sealed 45
"Way Down" was recorded in October of 1976 and was released by RCA in June of 1977 with "Pledging My Love" on the B-side. The song has J.D. Sumner singing "Way on down" at the end of each chorus with notes so low that it is believed to be the lowest recorded note ever produced by a human voice. The single, the last one released before Elvis' untimely death, hit number 31 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart but had slipped to 53 by August. The song rose in the charts again, topping 18 in September and October. The song was certified gold by RIAA on September 12, 1977. Offered is an RCA promotional poster for the single release along with a sealed copy of the 45 RPM single. The 45 was most likely sealed at the record store, when the 12 1/2 by 7 inch (31.75 x 17.78 cm) cardboard backing would have been added to help the single pop out of the racks of other records. The poster, with its light blue background, white and darker blue lettering, measures 28 by 10 inches (71.12 x 25.4 cm) and is accompanied by a letter of authenticity from Graceland Authenticated. The Auction at Graceland
Elvis Presley Worn Purple Velour Shirt from the 1966 RCA Pocket Calendar
This fabulous purple velour shirt with Sy Devore labels was worn by Elvis on the 1966 RCA pocket calendar. 1966 was a pivotal year for Elvis, when he would begin the transition back to his musical roots, leaving behind Hollywood and his starring roles. This led him to the beginnings of the 1968 Comeback Special and his return to the throne as the King of Rock 'n Roll. This purple velour shirt has two Sy Devore labels: one in the collar that reads "Sy Devore Hollywood Las Vegas Palm Springs" and a second near the waistband on the interior backside of the shirt that reads, "Sy Devore Hollywood Las Vegas Sherman Oaks Palm Springs" with the name "Elvis Presley" typed onto the label, the date "4-14-65," and the number "9248." The shirt is framed with a 1966 RCA pocket/wallet calendar and an LP of Spinout, which is signed "Thanks Elvis Presley" in blue ink in the lower right. PLEASE NOTE: This signature is NOT in Elvis' hand.Also included in the display is a letter from Alan Fortas that states, "I Alan Fortas worked with Elvis Presley and was friends with Elvis all my life. I was also Elvis' ranch foreman at the Circle G ranch. I also appeared with Elvis in many of his films as an extra. I was also with Elvis in the concert in the round segment of the 1968 NBC Comeback special. This purple velour pullover shirt from Sy Devore Elvis personally wore and in photo shoots in the mid 1960's. Elvis gave me this shirt during one of his many closet cleanings." The framed display presents well with additional images of Elvis and a plaque describing his life, career and this shirt in particular. Accompanied by a letter of authenticity from Graceland Authenticated. The framed display measures approximately 34 by 50 3/4 inches (86.36 x 128.90 cm). The Auction at Graceland
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