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?Sources? (Dictionary) of the Radak, Venice 1548.
?HaShorashim? (Sources), roots of the holy language of Hebrew by HaRav David Kimhi (HaRadak), with a few reasonings added by HaRav Eliya HaLevi the Medakdek. Venice 1548, 1748 Torim (1) page. (Winograd 330). A handsome copy in good condition, few stains, new binding. Moreshet Auctions
Mizrach panel ? Special, made by hand
Artistically done on Bristol board. In the center is a large inscription of ?Mizrach,? and around it are vines, flowers, and birds. Given in a carved wooden frame and glass. 28x21cm, generally good condition. Moreshet Auctions
19 books with dedications, signatures, glosses. Important set.
1. ?Petach HaDaat? Pietrekov 1911, by Rav Haim Pinhas Luria, dedication handwritten on the title page. 2. Keren L?David, questions and answers by Rav Eliezer David Greenwald, Satmar 1929, dedication from the compiler?s student. 3. Yeruyot Shlomo, Vilna 1905, by Rav Shlomo Zalman Ulman. 4. Beit Shlomo. A number of other books, with glosses and dedications. Lot was not checked thoroughly, different sizes and conditions. Ok to good condition on average. Moreshet Auctions
Handwritten letter and signature of the Admor HaKadosh of Peshversk
Letter written and signed on letterhead. Sent to HaNaggid v'Nadiv Yitzhak, mazal tov on a wedding and advice and blessing before his travel. Good condition, stains. Moreshet Auctions
Lot of 3 posters from the anti-Semitic series ?Musée des Horreurs,?
3 out of 51 posters from the anti-Semitic series against statesmen, journalists, and important Jewish figures who supported Dreyfus, illustrated by the artist who operated under the pseudonym V. Lenepveu, printed lithographically and colored by hand. The posters were first published at the opening of the World?s Fair, at the height of the famous Dreyfus Affair. A number of weeks after their distribution, the French Ministry of the Interiordeclared them illegal to distribute and their spread stopped. Among the 51 important figures caricatured in the series were: Emile Zola, George Picard, Tzadok Cohen, members of the Rothschild family, Alfred Dreyfus, and more. Each of the ridiculous caricatures was dedicated to a different person, and most give them animal attributes or monstrous body parts. They were glued to canvas for preservation. Size: 65x50cm. Good condition. Moreshet Auctions
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