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?Toldot Yaakov? Jerusalem, Israel Ba?al Kore 1865?only edition.
?Toldot Yaakov? a long approach to the Masechet Beitza and emendations to the pages, by HaRav Yaakov Castro (Hamaharikesh), printed by Israel B?ak Jerusalem 1865, at the start of the book the publisher writes ?this is a book of a great man?for close to three hundred years his seeing eye has not been burnt.? First and only edition, (4) 96 pages, 21cm. Hamaharikesh was from the known rabbis of Egypt and compiled the book ?Erekh Lehem? and the questions and answers of ?Ohalei Ya?akov,? when he was in Tzfat he stayed with the master of Bait Yosef, negotiated in halakha with the greats of the generation, and HaHida writes for the great rabbis that he saw ?the methods of the student overwhelming the rabbis.? Recently a handwritten letter of his was released with his method of the masechet Baba Kama. Excellent condition, worn original binding with a strengthening of the spine at the title page, signed on the title page ?Meir Katz Satmar? Moreshet Auctions
Sefer ?HaMekaneh? with the book ?Mahaneh Levi,? Offenbach, 1801?first
The book is the second section of the book ?Hafla?ah,? chiddushei halachot and aggadot on\nMasechet Kiddushin, by Rav Pinhas ben Tzvi Hirsh Horwitz, known as the ?Hafla?ah? because\nof his book.\nBound with the book ?Mahaneh Levi,? chiddushim and pilpulim on the Shas by his son, HaRav\nTzvi Hirsh Horwitz.\nRare. (5) 256. (1) 98 (1) page. (Winograd Offenbach 150, 151).\nAncient signature of ownership on the cover page, copy is pretty in generally good condition,\nthere are light moth marks and stains. Moreshet Auctions
Lot of 2 Chumashim Zhitomir Print
Lot of 2 Chumashim: 1. Shmot (Exodus) with Rashi and Onkelus. Zhitomir print. Siddur at the end of the Chumash. Nussach Sefarad. Original cover missing. Moth damage.2. Bamidbar Moreshet Auctions
Silver Tess for Sefer Torah', Lions holding tablets Balkans. 50s.
Tess for Sefer Torah silver-plated copper. Lions. Tablets and Holidays window. Includes inscription "Donated by Chaim Jacob Baker Avraham Shimon son of Rabbi Raphael blessed memory." Silver chain.Balkans. 50s.30/26 cm Moreshet Auctions
Stamped silver Citron box ? 20th century.
With hammer work, the cover opens and closes on an axis. In the center of the cover is a pretty handle for opening. The box stands on four designed legs. The inside is gilded. Weight: 414g. Generally very good condition. Moreshet Auctions
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