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Rare Bowed Psalterie unique handcrafted from walnut
rare hand crafted bowed Psalterie instrument handcrafted by Mr Rick Long of Tennesee from Walnut wood. Tribal Gatherings
Gorgeous hard and heavy wooden Punu Stilt Walker Dance African Mask
Older carved wooden mask from a hard , heavy and dense wood with wonderful raised linear designs and with a heavy white kaolin clay covered surface, with obvious signs of handling and wear. In Punu communities of southern Gabon, mukudj masks are considered portraits of an exceptionally beautiful female member. The stylized rendering of the eyes, represented as closed slits, evokes a meditative serenity while at the same time affording the wearer an unobstructed view of the performance arena he must negotiate. The application of white kaolin to the surface of the masks is a reference to spiritual transcendence. The white clay is a sacred material linked to the parallel ancestral realm of existence and also a cosmetic associated with idealized beauty. Mukudj dances are commissioned by community leaders to mark important occasions?to commemorate the memory of an important member of the community, to celebrate the return or the visit of an honored individual, or to mark a development that will enhance the community's well-being. The mukudj dance is performed on stilts of up to three meters in height; dancers must train from childhood to master the difficult and demanding choreography. During official celebrations, a mukudj dancer towers above his audience and executes acrobatic feats that demand agility, strength, and an acute sense of equilibrium. Because of the extraordinary nature of the performance, dancers are perceived as exceptional individuals who draw upon mystical powers to accomplish such a feat. Tribal Gatherings
Old Ogoni African mask from Nigeria, African Art
Very Old carved wooden mask from the Ogoni of Nigeria, Africa. Featuring a large face mask that has scarification and raised designs. An old, vintage example. Tribal Gatherings
Large Songye Village Protective Magic Sculpture Nkonde / Nkisi
Large carved wooden magic fetish figure from the Songye peoples of the Congo, Africa. Known locally as N'kisi or N'konde , such idols this large are placed at the village entrance to act as guardians. The Songye, an ethnic group living in the Lomami Province in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Tribal Gatherings
A Fine Baule Mouse Oracle container, African Art
Carved wooden Baule Tribe Mouse Oracle (Gbekre), Divination bowl from ivory Coast of west Africa. Such containers were tools for for fortune telling, the physical apparatus of the gbekre is contained within a terracotta vessel inside a hollow wooden cylinder. A shelf divides the vessel into two distinct chambers, which are connected by a hole, the mice are placed in the lower chamber and pass through the hole into the upper chamber, in which the diviner has placed ten small sticks (originally, bird or bat bones were used), the small sticks, called gbekre nyma ("eyes of the mice"), are coated with flour and attached at one end with fibre to the shell of an earth turtle, the actions of the mice in the upper chamber change the positions of the sticks, creating a new configuration that constitutes the sign to be translated by the diviner. Tribal Gatherings
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