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It Is Said In The Stars, by Robert Krogle
The narrative of Native "storytelling" simply materialized as Thomas and his son struck the perfect pose in the firelight and starlight of a South Dakota summer evening. -R.K. Western Masters Art Show Sale
Sage Runner, by Karen Young
I like to watch horses in their element, running free and wild. I wanted to show this paint horse running and have the sun highlighting its beauty as it runs through the sage. -K.Y. Western Masters Art Show Sale
Barreling Through, by Mark McKenna
Capturing the energy and personality of an animal in a painting is a difficult task. Moose, though seemingly awkward and clumsy, are some of the most agile and graceful creatures in the western world. I was thrilled to be able to capture this mature bull in his full stride, barreling through the deep snow as though it wasn't even there. These animals are made to make stuff like this look easy. Western Masters Art Show Sale
October On The Payette, by Bonnie Griffith
In the early fall the Tamaracks turn golden and stand out amidst the thick greens of the firs. The Payette River in SW Idaho offers a picturesque view of the western landscape in warm color. Allow yourself to step into this painting and make it your story! - B.G. Western Masters Art Show Sale
Big Sky Bison, by Nancy Dunlop Cawdrey
The Bison is my favorite wildlife subject. Western Masters Art Show Sale
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