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A Night Out in Pinetop, by Cecy Turner
One of the paintings in my twilight series, this is a scene that I saw in a small town, Pinetop, Arizona, when I was coming back from painting while attending a plein air event. The sky was beautiful, and I loved the effect of the little headlights on this tranquil street, quite unlike the lights of any big city. -C.T. Western Masters Art Show Sale
King of the Prairie, by Jennifer Johnson
Colorado artist Jennifer Johnson paints subjects from her life's experiences outdoors as a photographer/plein air artist. She spends hours out in the field studying and photographing her wildlife subjects. Johnson's medium is oil on linen using both heavy and light stroke work. Western Masters Art Show Sale
Autumn Leaves, Golden, CO, by Nikolo Balkanski
"I did this one in more impressionistic style of the street from old historical part of Golden, Colorado". - N.B. Western Masters Art Show Sale
Wishful Thinking, by C.M. Jones
Limited edition of 25. Splashed bronze is a technique I have invented to create unique textures using a process of throwing, dripping and splashing the 900 degree pewter into open faced molds. These are limited edition/series pieces that have their own unique textures and negative space. -C.J. Western Masters Art Show Sale
Boats in Harbor, by Newman Myrah (1921-2010)
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