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Down the Canyon
Pastel painting of a herd of horses. Western Masters Art Show Sale
Bison #7, by Tobias E. Sauer
"As a former ranger at Yellowstone National Park, I have a great appreciation for the bison, and am constantly striving to capture its essence in my paintings. In this painting, the bold, passionate red that surrounds the bison echoes the drama and the devastation that has surrounded the bison in the last 200 years of its history. Yet for thousands of years, and especially through the calamity of the more recent past, the bison remains standing, majestically, a symbolic icon of our nation." -T.E.S. Western Masters Art Show Sale
The Fast Getaway, by Deborah Berniklau
My vision for this painting was to capture an artistic yet historical look at the old west crime of horse rustling. I aimed to portray the desperation of my characters flight to escape the hanging tree! Note the lead cowboy's foot as it falls out of the stirrup while clouds of dust explode everywhere creating the desperate emotion of a getaway. Lastly my goal was to be extremely accurate with anatomy while mixing strong elements of movement, power and artistic design. -D.B. Western Masters Art Show Sale
Running For Cover, by Leslie Kirchner
I find thunderstorms fascinating and exhilirating; however, you want to have cover before the deluge of rain comes and soaks you. I imagined this cowboy racing for the cover of home before he and his horse get soaked. -L.K. Western Masters Art Show Sale
Hawk Eye, by Robin Sorg
"Ferruginous Hawk." -R.S. Western Masters Art Show Sale
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