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Hasselblad MK70 outfit
rare special metric version for photogrammetry, no.1182, with grey Planar 3.5/100mm no.5196295, both caps, 2x 70mm magazine no.UP400578 & UI400678, 2x 70mm spools, Haze filter, battery, charger, all in good working order in matching outfit case, this Hasselblad is the commercial version of the Hasselblad 500 EL Data Camera used by NASA for the lunar missions Please Note: Starting Bid € 1000 WestLicht
INGE MORATH (1923-2002)
New York, 1958 Vintage silver print WestLicht
[ Camera - Leitz - Leica ] [ Alpa ] Alpa Typ CIBLAK A mint case for
[ Camera - Leitz - Leica ] [ Alpa ] Alpa Typ CIBLAK A mint case for Alpa 10 in maker's box Condition: A WestLicht
Nikon F Photomic chrome
clean body in good working order with Nikkor-S 1.4/50mm no.395492, cap, everready case Please Note: Starting Bid € 300 WestLicht
KE-7A + Elcan 2/66mm
very rare black M4 in good and perfect working condition, produced for the US Army with contract numbers on back of top-plate engraved 'Serial No 1294559 FSN 6720-165-7115 CONT. F42600-71-C-2429 US', with the extremely rare Elcan 2/66mm no.283-0025 and military contract number 'VH6760-168-3240' engraved on front ring (see Lager II page 228), lens in good condition with clean optics (cap), the offered camera was delivered with this 66mm Elcan lens ! Please Note: Starting Bid € 12000 WestLicht
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