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Chimes of Freedom
Chimes of Freedom is an acrylic on canvas painted by Canadian artist René Lalonde in 2014. Measuring 48 x 24 inches, the artwork is framed in archival materials. Martin Lawrence Gallery
The Day Before Tomorrow I
Mark Kostabi's The Day Before Tomorrow I is a marker on paper drawing created in 2013. Martin Lawrence Gallery
Kerry Hallam's Mississippi is an acrylic on nautical chart from 2009, measuring 37 x 51 inches and framed in archival materials. Martin Lawrence Gallery
Melting DOB D
Takashi Murakami created the "Superflat" style which is, in part, a tribute to the two-dimensional style of some Japanese cartoons. The term also reflects the smashing of distinctions between fine art and commercial art, between high culture and low. Murakami told an Interviewer once, "In Japan, there is no high and there is no low. It's all flat." This offset lithograph on mirror coat paper is a limited edition of 300. Martin Lawrence Gallery
That's the Way the Ball Bounces XVII
Painted by American artist Robert Deyber in 2013, the artwork is framed with archival materials and signed in the lower right. Martin Lawrence Gallery
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