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He Remembers Forgotten Beauty
Title: He Remembers Forgotten Beauty\nDescription: J. Kieran McGonnell, 2009. Abstract painting; a highly colored piece with concentric circles of spray paint and oil paint. Signed by artist. Measures 40"x40".\nArtist Info: Originally from Cork City, Ireland, James Kieran McGonnell studied Art at Hunter College in Manhattan.  Since coming to New York, McGonnell has shown his work continuously at museums, galleries, and universities.  His work has been seen nationally in venues including The Kennedy Center Festival, Washington, D.C. and ARTCENTER, Miami, Florida. Kieran has been profiled in numerous publications throughout the US and in Ireland, including the New York Times, Boston Globe, L.A. Times, Irish Tribune and Irish Business Post.  In an article entitled 'Top 40 under 40', McGonnell was selected as one of the top Irish success stories living in the US today. Kieran designs his work in his head and then hand draws outlines for all of the pieces.  By using a combination of hand made oil paints and industrial spray paints, he creates works that are brilliantly-colored, crisp edged and highly sought after. Artists in Auction
Seaside in Winter
Title: Seaside in Winter\nDescription: John Andrulis, 2007. Film/Archival Digital Print. 38"x52", unframed. No.3/50.\nArtist Info: John Andrulis is a freelance photojournalist and author of 8 books of photography. Through his signature style, John weaves together urban settings, beachscapes, portraits and much more to create beautiful fine art photography in a visual tapestry. Often times, John captures aesthetic beauty through narrative projects. Born and raised in central New Jersey, he currently lives in New York City. Artists in Auction
Pastel Hotel
Title: Pastel Hotel\nDescription: Michael Lindwasser, 2008. Long exposure photography. Building series, #2 of 20. Signed by artist. Measures 20"x30".\nArtist Info: Mike Lindwasser honed his photography skills at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. His approach combines extreme angles and long exposures, and  creates a unique and eye-catching genre of work. The lengthy exposures he takes imbue his photographs with the sharp, vibrant colors of daytime despite the fact that the images were shot in the middle of the night. By emphasizing geometry and bringing the ordinary into the abstract, he elevates commonplace subjects into something special. Mike has been published in numerous magazines, and featured in solo exhibitions and group shows around NY and NJ. His most recent show takes him to the Ishida Taiseisha Gallery in Kyoto, Japan. Artists in Auction
Title: Rethink\nDescription: Alex White-Mazzarella, 2009. Acrylic and wall paint on watercolor paper. Measures 18"x24", signed by artist.\nArtist Info: Alex White-Mazzarella engages his viewers through spontaneously combining color, line and motion to explore and transcend our world and culture through a conceptual imagination. His constant mix of media is fundamental to the creation of intense, expressive work that pushes past the materials used, and into an observation of the age, world and reality in which we exist. Mr. White-Mazzarella was born in Boston in 1979 and moved to New York in 2008.  In between he lived in China, Spain and Italy. He recently started exhibiting his work after being discovered by Richard Temperio of Sideshow Gallery in Brooklyn. This year he was featured in Art in Brooklyn as a promising emerging artist. Artists in Auction
Untitled (magenta)
Title: Untitled (magenta)\nDescription: Tom Smith, 2009. Superhero collage on paper. Signed bottom right by artist. Measures 6.5"x7.25".\nArtist Info: Tom Smith was raised in Elkton, Maryland. At an early age he was fascinated with video games and was absorbed in making small clay sculptures. He studied illustration at the Maryland Institute College of Art, and then received his MFA from the School of Visual Arts in New York City, where he currently lives. Tom's recent work focuses on relationships, and exploring the figure through different media. The Superhero collages offered in his current collection combine two or more found images. The character images are painstakingly sliced and then reconfigured using various geometric patterns. As the new combined image emerges so do surprising effects. The resulting collages depict two figures in a field of vibrating interference, and keep the viewer mesmerized. Artists in Auction
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