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August Peyrau, New York City, African-American Figural
Very Rare African-American Figural Redware Pipe, Signed "A. PEYRAU", New York, NY, circa 1883, finely-modeled in the form of an African-American man's head with pierced eyes and incised hair. Neck of pipe hand-incised "A. PEYRAU". Literature: Peyrau's pipe-manufacturing operation is discussed, along with a few illustrations, in Barber, Edwin Atlee, The Pottery and Porcelain of the United States, G.P. Putnam Son's, New York and London, 1893, p. 341, and are present in the collection of the Brooklyn Museum and--at least at one time--the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Peyrau was seen in his day as a visionary, with one contemporary writing, "August Peyrau ... has ... reproduced in red clay or terra cotta caricature heads of [famous people, etc.]. For a time they were on sale in New York City, but more recently they have disappeared from show windows of the tobacconists, and with them their interesting maker. Peyrau was a Frenchman who gave up a prosperous business to return to his native village in the South of France, but on arriving there he found a new generation in existence and his old friends gone. After a few months he wearied of the place, and then came back to his adopted country. Times were hard and it was not easy to start in business again. So he supported himself for a time by modeling his caricature pipe heads, and now he has disappeared again. In the years to come when his pipes will sell for dollars instead of cents, who will remember their maker?". Provenance: Consigned from the Netherlands. Loss to one ear. Otherwise excellent condition. H 1 3/4" ; L 1 5/8". Crocker Farm
SIPE & SONS, / W'MSPORT. PA Stoneware Batter Pail w/
One-and-a-Half-Gallon Stoneware Batter Pail with Cobalt Foliate Decoration, Stamped "SIPE & SONS, / W'MSPORT. PA", late 19th century, ovoid form with tubular pouring spout and wood-and-wire bail handle, decorated with wreath-like brushwork on the reverse and underscoring the spout. Brushed cobalt highlights to ears, maker's mark, capacity mark, and handle at base on reverse. Small chips and nicks to rim. A 1/2" x 5/8" flake to spout. Crocker Farm
Lot of Two: Hartford, CT Ovoid Stoneware Jugs Marked D.
Two Pieces of Hartford, Connecticut Stoneware, circa 1810-1830, a one-gallon ovoid jug with cobalt-highlighted maker's mark and handle terminals, stamped "GOODWIN & WEBSTER", paired with a one-gallon ovoid jug with cobalt-highlighted handle terminals, stamped "D. GOODALE / HARTFORD". Goodwin & Webster jug with interesting 19th century wooden plug in body of jug, numerous thin spider cracks to base area, and heavy chipping to base. Goodale jug with cracks extending from spout to shoulder, a minor spout nick, base chips, and a 1 1/2" in-the-firing line on underside, continuing 1 1/4" onto base. Crocker Farm
Very Rare Four-Gallon J. &. E. NORTON / BENNINGTON, VT
Very Rare Four-Gallon Stoneware Churn with Cobalt Double-Pheasant Decoration, Stamped "J. &. E. NORTON / BENNINGTON, VT.", circa 1855, ovoid churn with tooled shoulder, flared collar, and applied lug handles, decorated with a slip-trailed design of crossed pheasants with turned heads and elaborate tails, perched on the branches of a tree stump. Cobalt highlights to maker's mark and capacity mark. An iconic and highly-artistic design, the Norton double-pheasant motif was possibly the most difficult of this pottery's designs to execute, as it required an almost mirror-image symmetry to create the opposing birds. The decoration on this example covers much of the vessel's front, spanning approximately 11" x 7", and is executed in bold, Bennington cobalt slip against a light clay background. The piece's desirable churn form beautifully presents this striking, vertically-oriented image. Various tight lines to surface. A thin, 2 3/4" crack from rim on side of churn. A 2" in-the-firing line on interior of rim, not visible on exterior. A 3/4" in-the-firing iron ping to reverse and a 3/8" iron ping to left side of churn's front. A small chip and light wear to interior of rim. Three tiny nicks to inner rim for lid. H 17 1/4". Crocker Farm
JOHN BURGER / ROCHESTER Stoneware Churn w/ Very Fine
Fine Three-Gallon Stoneware Churn with Elaborate Cobalt Floral Decoration, Stamped "JOHN BURGER. / ROCHESTER," New York State origin, circa 1860, semi-ovoid churn with applied lug handles and flared rim, decorated with a slip-trailed design of a flowering plant bearing two different blossoms. Excellent shading throughout. Slip-trailed "3" above. Brushed cobalt highlight to maker's mark. Excellent form, color, and decoration. Excellent condition with some very minor surface flakes to left side near base, two minor glazed-over iron pings to front, and two very minor nicks on interior of rim. Crocker Farm
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