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Eden Galleries is an innovative global art business serving the most discerning clients. Auctioneers since 2012, today Eden Galleries is so much more, offering clients extraordinary opportunities to transact: S|2 private sales galleries, worldwide selling exhibitions, retail wine and diamonds, financing, art education and digital engagement any time, anywhere, on any device. We bring a world of art to a new world.

Prominent collectors, estate executors, curators and dealers trust us to deliver appraisal and auction services of the highest quality. Our professional staff stands ready to guide clients through the entire appraisal, consignment and auction process. Clients consign their property to Eden Galleries knowing that we commit our scholarship, market knowledge and global outreach to every sale. Our international network of buyers, including sophisticated collectors, major dealers, interior designers and museum curators, know the quality of our offerings and appreciate our standard of service.

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19th c. carved chinese jade brush washer of floral form
Finely carved Chinese white jade. Of shallow vessel with flori-form rim. The Jade has finely polished, moist milky appearance with pale-creme iridescent and golden russet inclusion.\n\nDimensions: 25.92 mm H x 109.76 mm W\nTotal Weight approx.: 233.7g EDEN Fine Antiques Galleries
Jade brush washer with cloisonne lid on stand
Finely carved Chinese white jade of brush washer, in a ripe pomegranate shape with deep carved overlaying of stems and foliage on the exterior, which the hollowed interior left smooth. A Branching twigs emerged from base to the lips holding a ring creates handle. Cloisonne lid decorated with LingZhi ruyi encircled the bud finial surrounded by colorful scrolling twigs foliage against turquoise blue background. Companied by a gilt ladle spoon with red coral hilt. Displayed on elaborately carved hardwood stand in openwork gnarled stem with large leaves and fruits.\nThe Jade carving is smooth, with grayish-celadon iridescent, showing moist milky appearance.\n\nDimension with stand: 83.67mm H x 134.26mm L x 85.22mm W\nWeight: 522.6grams EDEN Fine Antiques Galleries
Chinese white jade gu vase with taotie mask motif
The Chinese white jade delicately carved in shape of squared Gu vase, a bulbous central body slandered to square corners of flared opening mouth and foot. The mid-section is finely carved in shallow relief with bands of archaic TaoTie masks. The trumpet neck and the splayed concave foot rim remain plain of finely polished. Each section is carved with a set of four flanges on the sides that start at the upper lip and follow down to the foot of the vessel.\nThe composition is sophisticated and the jade shows clean iridescent with pale-celadon tone and moist milky appearance.\n\nDimension: 184.15mm H x 127mm W\nWeight: 578.4g\n\nPROVENANCE: Acquired  by a private collector in Europe at a charity fund raising  auction that was hosted by a prominent business leader from the Frederiksberg Denmark area. The benefactor  and his corporation are recognized globally, the beneficiaries and charities to this date are ongoing contributing and enhancing to the lives of many. EDEN Fine Antiques Galleries
Pair of jade covered urn in original box
Carved Chinese white jade in form compressed flask form, rococo motif sprig flanked from neck to shoulder. The exterior left simply plain yet elegant, standing on carved wooden stands. The nephrite stone has flawless translucent and perfect even-toned light clean white color jade.\nThe pair jade urns is placed into form fitting iron-red hard cushions bordered with metallic thread colorful ribbon. All reserved inside the original carved hard wood box.\n\nDimensions: (Jade without stand ea.) 180.34mm H x 87.63mm W ; (only Stand): 1.25"H x 1.5"W (box): 11.5"H x 10.5"W\nWeight:373.6g\n\nPROVENANCE:\nThe items that we have the privilege of marketing for our consignor come with some history, These items are reported to have been purchased from The Revelations Antique shop operated by Kurt Kjellin for more than 40 years. The consignor on numerous business trips to New York would visit the East Village shop to find rare and unique items to add to his personal collection. EDEN Fine Antiques Galleries
A pair of 'huanghuali' low-back armchairs (meigui yi)
☆ A PAIR OF CHINESE HUANGHUALI LOW-BACK ARMCHAIRS, MEIGUI YI, ☆\n\nEach with an open-carved back frame formed by a straight top rail rounding the corners to the back posts, set with an inset beaded border apron and spandrels finely carved with archaistic T-scrolls, the straight arms continuing down to form the front posts, also inset with a beaded apron and spandrels with ruyi-cloud silhouettes, the hard cane set within a rectangular frame, surmounted by a lattice rail at the rear and sides, the legs connected by a beaded apron carved with scrolling tendrils, with spandrels running the length to the foot stretcher, the rear and sides with curved aprons and spandrels, the front and side stretchers with narrow plain aprons and short spandrels (2)\n\nDimension: 35-1/8" H x 25-1/4" W x 18-1/2" D (each)\n\nReference:\nMEIGUI yi, or 'rose chairs', are the smallest of the standard chair designs in Chinese furniture, making them appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use. The T-scrolls and carved apron on the chairs are similar to a pair attributed to the early Kangxi period, illustrated in Robert Hatfield Ellsworth, Chinese Furniture: One Hundred and Three Examples from the Mimi and Raymond Hung Collection, Hong Kong, 2005, pl. 17. The present pair, however, is notable for the inclusion of the beaded apron and flanges under the arms. Another pair in the Dr. S. Y. Yip Collection of Classic Chinese Furniture, attributed to the 17th century, illustrated in Grace Wu Bruce, Dreams of Chu Tan Chamber and the Romance with HuangHuaLi Wood, Hong Kong 1991, pl. 6, is slightly more simplistic with straight uncarved aprons. A set of four with uncarved arched stretchers and vertical braces, from the Property of Barling of Mount Street, Ltd., was sold in these rooms, 2nd December 1992, lot 606. EDEN Fine Antiques Galleries
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