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Carlos solis san benito 30" x 24"
Carlos Solis San Benito 30" H X 24"W\n\nLOT NOTES:\n:\n\nCarlos was born in Maracaibo, Venezuela and currently resides in Kennesaw, Georgia. Carlos background is in Graphic Design. He started painting in the mid-nineties as a freelancer specializing in nature, fantasy, spirituality and conceptual art.\nIn “The Dreamlike Reality†Carlos dreams are transformed to convey and stimulate the mythical and spiritual elements through visual expression. His passion in painting started with the magnificence elements of nature, fauna and flora, and it’s natural beauty that involves it’s selective conditions; for example, the majestic animals of the Amazon or Indians from Venezuela (Guajiros). He has always tried to expand his work to other areas of reality and with a spiritual meaning. Carlos occasionally has the tendency to go from one extreme to another in order to explore, and show the ranges of styles and techniques in creating the most beautiful and delicate components of life to the most complex and strange art.\nCarlos has the pleasure and the opportunity to experience the richness of many cultures in South and North America, which has allowed him to expand his imagination even more. It also helped him to understand the differences and similarities of both worlds. His work reflects the distinctness of his artistic perception from those experiences, which provides vivid colors and physical details in order to make something visually pleasing, grotesque or unfamiliar to look at. Carlos also tries to create awareness by expressing an opinion about our delicate habitat, the lack of knowledge about cultural and racial diversity in South America.\nCarlos is also himself a curator and the leader of a group of Latin American artist residing in Georgia called Cantrapunto. Carlos has exhibited in several cities around the country including but not limited to New York, Chicago and Atlanta. EDEN Fine Antiques Galleries
Shang dynasty jade cong shape vase
Antique Chinese Shang Dynasty carved jade cong shape vase, with a squared body, with banded circle opening mouth and base, raised on shallow foot base. Essentially tubes with a square cross-section and a circular hole.\nThe shape of the Cong with its square and circular shape could be interpreted as 'the unity of heaven and earth' where the square represents the earth and a circle represents the heaven. The jade shows olive-brown color with molted grayish-dark hues and some calcifications inclusions.\n\nDimensions: 46.15mm H x 40.30mm W\nWeight: 146.8g\n\nPROVENANCE: From Aventura, Miami, FL private collector. EDEN Fine Antiques Galleries
Mp elliot, elephants & giraffes
Artist: M.P. ELLIOTT; Title: "ELEPHANTS & GIRAFFES"; OIL, Dimension: 36X36 Inventory# 6. 10928 EDEN Fine Antiques Galleries
Oval Mirror
Oval Mirror EDEN Fine Antiques Galleries
Ming blue & white eight immortals jar
Antique Chinese Ming Dynasty blue and white porcelain jar. Sturdy porcelain jar with robust shoulder region curving into a feminine waist that extends all the way to the bottom forming the raised circular base. The exterior delicately decorated in blue and white design, depicted a folklore scene of the Eight immortals holding various attributes above Lishui wavy waters. Banded with key fret pattern on neck. The foot rim reveals the cut edges during the making process, and the base left unglazed with brunt orange ground and dark spots of firing marks.\n\nDimensions: 16-3/4" H x 14-1/2" Diam. EDEN Fine Antiques Galleries
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