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Carte du Mexique et de la Floride des Terres Angloises
Guillaume De l’Isle (1675 - 1726). Paris: Guillaume De l’Isle, 1703. 20 x 27 inches. Guillaume de L’Isle’s Seminal Map of Florida and Mexico Mid-Hudson Auction Galleries
American Country Life (Summer Evening)
New York: Currier & Ives, 1855. (19 1/2 x 26 1/4 inches).A Selection of Lithographs by Currier & Ives (1834 - 1907). The publishing firm of Currier & Ives created the most popular and highly regarded lithographs of quintessentially American scenes ever produced. The quality, vast scope and engagingly populist style of their works have made their names synonymous with an idealistic vision of nineteenth-century American promise and optimism. Mid-Hudson Auction Galleries
John James Audubon, Plate 53:
Texan Skunk. From Audubon’s Viviparous Quadrupeds of North America. Hand colored lithograph. Imperial Folio; Published in Philadelphia between 1839 and 1844 by J.T. Bowen. Originally issued in 30 parts, 5 plates per part. In collaboration with his sons, Victor Gifford and John Woodhouse Audubon. Approximately 27 ¾" x 21 ½" with full margins. Mid-Hudson Auction Galleries
Cellarius' Celestial Engravings
Typus Aspectuum, Oppositionum Et Coniunctionum Etz in Planetis, Plate 15. Andreas Cellarius (c. 1596-1665). Engraving with original hand color. From Atlas Coelestis seu Hermonia Macrocosmica. Amsterdam: Jansson, 1660-61. Approximately 20 1/2 x 28 inches. Mid-Hudson Auction Galleries
Gould Hummingbird Hand-Colored Lithograph
Adelomyia? Castaneiventris. John Gould (1804-1881). from a Monograph of the Trochilidae, or Family of Hummingbirds. Hand-colored lithograph. London: J Gould, H.C. Richter, & W. Hart, 1849-1887. 21 1/2 x 14 1/2 inches Mid-Hudson Auction Galleries
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