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Round 1892 Hood's Sarsaparilla Calendar
This 1892 calendar is called "The Sewing Circle." &nbsp;Hood's calendars were much anticipated by the public because of their great designs; many were collected but not used, which may explain why there are quite a few <em>full</em> calendar pads like this one still available. &nbsp;Some people even framed them, like the one being offered, or merely kept them in their original mailing envelopes. &nbsp;Hood's, founded in 1875 in Lowell, Massachusetts, was a patent medicine company well-known for its Hood's Sarsaparilla. &nbsp;The calendar is 7" in diameter; the frame, with glass, measures approximately 12-3/4" x 10-3/4." &nbsp; &nbsp; Paige Auction
Tom Mix Straighter Shooters "Decoder Buttons" Premium
This is a 1946 premium distributed by the Ralston Purina Company.&nbsp; Included are 5 litho decoder buttons, an instruction card and the original mailing envelope.&nbsp; The buttons each measure approximately 1" in diameter and the card folded 3" x 5-1/4".&nbsp; The entire set is in excellent condition,There is some very light staining on the card from the buttons&nbsp; (they may never have been removed from the card).&nbsp; It may never have been played with.&nbsp; A neat item. Paige Auction
7 Assorted Vintage Dental Floss Dispensers
This lot consists of 7 assorted vintage dispensers of dental floss.&nbsp; There are 2 from Johnson &amp; Johnson and 1 each from New Era, Bauer &amp; Black, Lister, Diana and Sentinel.&nbsp; All but 2 still have floss in them and 1 is WWII era.&nbsp; There are 2 'full sized' dispensers and 5 small 'purse or pocket' sized ones.....No excuse for not flossing. Paige Auction
Cut Crystal Bowl From The American Brilliant Period
Offered in this lot is a cut crystal bowl from the American Brilliant period (1886-1916). &nbsp;It measures 3-1/4" high and 7" diameter. &nbsp;There are no stickers or marks that identify the manufacturer, but this charming piece is in very good condition, with just a few miniscule chips or fleabites on the bottom side from normal use and wear. Paige Auction
Beautiful Antique Chinese Ceramic Lidded Container
Offered in this lot is a beautiful antique Chinese ceramic jar with lid that may have been used as a tobacco or tea container. &nbsp;The date of its creation is unknown, but the bottom has a reddish-colored maker's mark of Chinese characters (see photos). The jar is decorated with enameled leaves and flowers in bright colors; the lid depicts a pheasant perched atop a leaf. &nbsp;It is approximately 6-1/2" high and 5" diameter and is in excellent condition for its age. &nbsp;There are no chips, cracks or signs of repair.&nbsp; Paige Auction
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