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Ballet und Pantomime, by Walter Schnackenberg. 1920.

Artist: BOOKS AND PERIODICALS Size: 15 1/4 x 20 in./39 x 51 cmCondition: Plates excellent; cover worn.Printer: Published by Georg Müller Verlag, MünchenReference: Ref: PAI-LXX, 628 (var)Key Words: Art Deco; Dance; BooksBallet und Pantomime, by Walter Schnackenberg. 1920.Nowhere is Schnackenberg’s theatrical phantasmagoria better exemplified than in these twenty-two costume designs. Not only are the images exquisite—the amalgamation of Eastern inspiration, animalistic animus, and otherworldly envisioning all but defies realistic description—but they are also rare and important, irreproachable artifacts from a distant performance era. “When we remember this [dance renaissance] movement [in Germany] we think of the Munich art feasts and performances in theaters and concert halls, which came out of this art-loving city thanks to the collaboration of creative artists. Among those who actively and knowingly took part in this movement, the painter Schnackenberg attracted attention with his creations. His planes, figures and drawings make it clear that in dance and pantomime, we can reclaim the right to rejoice in the beauty of the body, the striking pose and the animated movement. Glowing colors delight the eye, joy of life shines in the lightness, and the bright colors convey to us that the world need not remain grey and colorless if we have the courage to be guided by our yearnings” (from the Forward by Von Gleichen-Russworm). This version contains 15 of 22 plates, loose in hardcover binding.En savoir plus

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Dell Comics. 1954.

Artist: ANONYMOUS Size: 43 7/8 x 28 1/4 in./111.4 x 72 cmCondition: A-/ Slight tears at edges.Printer: Reference: Ref: PAI-XLV, 138Key Words: ModernDell Comics. 1954.So many legendary cartoon characters appear in this anonymous creation for Dell Comics that using one of their catch-phrases as a quippy introduction to this description would only serve as a slight to the others. Not to mention the illustrated human stars—from Lucille Ball to Gene Autry—also on display. Could there be any doubt that “Reading Dell Comics [was] Fun”? And though today the Dell name might not strike the same sort of comic book resonance as DC, Marvel, or Dark Horse, during its heyday it was the most prominent and successful American company in the medium. The comic book arm of Dell Publishing, Dell Comics got its start in pulp magazines and is often credited with having come up with the concept of the paperback. In existence from 1929 through 1973, the company was best known for its licensed material, most notably the animated characters from Walt Disney Productions, Warner Brothers, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, and Walter Lantz Studio, along with many movie and television properties such as Tarzan and the Lone Ranger. Dell Publishing still exists to this day as a part of Random House where they head the puzzle book division.En savoir plus

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L’Anti-Bélier / A Cruchon. 1899.

Artist: JACQUES VILLON (1875-1963)Size: 16 1/2 x 23 1/4 in./42 x 59 cmCondition: B/ Restored tear at fold. Framed.Printer: Imp. d'Art Malfeyt, ParisReference: Ref: Villon, 34; PAI-LI, 537Key Words: Art NouveauL’Anti-Bélier / A Cruchon. 1899.Both an important figure in the history of Modern art as well as a staple of bohemian society at the turn of the century, Villon dabbled in everything from Cubism to illustration to printmaking. Creating only about six posters in his lifetime, they stand out from the rest of his oeuvre, showcasing a graceful drawing style and sensitive expression of character. In this exceptionally rare image by the artist, we catch an auburn-haired sophisticate in the midst of primping herself. Seated before her morning toilet, she is putting on the finishing touches to her look before facing the world. Despite all this detail, the actual product being advertised remains a mystery—the term “anti-bélier” has no known meaning that would match the image (today, it is used to describe a very specific type of plumbing). This leaves us to speculate that it is either a hair detangler (“bélier” is a wool-bearing mammal, similar to a sheep, which was often compared to unruly hair), or possibly even the atomizer before her (the word “atomizer” did not yet exist, but, as mentioned, the term used here is a type of pump). Despite the ambiguous product, the poster itself is simply exquisite, and a gorgeous homage to beauty for beauty’s sake.En savoir plus

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Mexico. ca. 1941
Artist: A. X. PEÑA Size: 27 x 36 in./68.7 x 91.4 cm Galas, Mexico Rendered in the same monumental style as some of Mexico's greatest muralists, this austere lady represents both the strength and beauty of her homeland. Poster Auctions International
El Nuevo Orden. 1942
Artist: E. MCKNIGHT KAUFFER (1890-1954) Size: 28 1/2 x 40 1/4 in./72.2 x 102.3 cm Publicado par El Coordinator de Asuntas Interamericanos, Washington Intended for distribution in South America, this grotesque subhuman puts a face to “The New Order of the Axis” – a drooling monster, a monocled orc, ravenous and destructive. This is a particularly powerful piece when compared to Kauffer’s other, more gently persuasive designs. Poster Auctions International
Chicago World's Fair. 1934
Artist: WEIMER PURSELL (1906-1974) Size: 14 x 21 in./35.6 x 53.2 cm Neely Printing Co., Chicago One of several vibrantly-colored designs Pursell created for the Chicago World’s Fair, this one focuses on the country-specific midway with the city's skyline, including the Hall of Science tower, in the distance. Poster Auctions International
Grisélidis. ca. 1901
Artist: FRANÇOIS FLAMENG (1856-1925) Size: 29 1/2 x 54 3/8 in./75 x 138 cm Imp. Bourgerie, Paris Poster Auctions International
Speck’s Cinema. 1913
Artist: OTTO BAUMBERGER (1889-1961) Size: 35 1/2 x 50 1/8 in./90 x 127.3 cm J.E. Wolfensberger, Zurich Poster Auctions International
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