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Lattermann Fahrschule. ca. 1930
Artist: ERNST LUDWIG FRANKE (1886-1948) & HERRMANN Size: 48 7/8 x 37 1/4 in./124 x 94.5 cm Druck Ferdinand Piatnik, Wien Though he didn’t become one of the legendary names in the automotive industry, Vienna engineer Robert Lattermann designed six motorized vehicles that Franke and Herrmann present to the public with simplified Art Deco ease, ranging from motorcycles to sedans. But most interestingly, not only was Lattermann willing to sell his modes of transportation, he was willing to teach you to drive them as well. Poster Auctions International
Sonderausstellung Josej Goller/Kunstsalon Wolfsberg.
Professor Josef Goller-a Dresden-based artist and educator whose specialty was glass works, including stained glass and mosaics, and a member of the Deutschen Workbundes-self-promotes an exhibition of his painted glass and woodcuts at the Kunstsalon Wolsberg in Zurich. The poster for the special show reflects Goller's areas of expertise and its serpentine sensuality-executed with a wonderful wash of black-and-profound-blue tonality-is at once fantastical and classical, an intriguing combination resulting in an image possessed of timeless vitality. Poster Auctions International
Chocolat Taylor.
He's given us polar bears (see PAI-IX, 79), he's given us high-stepping overstatement (see PAI-XVII, 153), he's given us a bellowing ferryman (see PAI-VIII, 286) and he's given us weightless toddlers (see PAI-IX, 72). Heck, he even changed the course of advertising with a green woman on a bucking red horse (see PAI-XL, 274A). All in the name of chocolate. What we don't normally see from Cappiello is unaugmented domesticity. But that's precisely the angle he takes to gently prod the consumer into procuring a bit of Taylor Chocolate, "France's Premier Milk Chocolate." The young lady is, well, quite a young lady and the women to whom she's making her sugary offering appear very interested. Then again, it's chocolate, so garnering interest isn't unusual. An extremely rare poster, not documented in the authoritative Rennert compendium of the artist! Poster Auctions International
Feuillantine. ca. 1905
Artist: BERNARD-JOSEPH ARTIGUE (1859-1936) Size: 13 x 28 3/8 in./33 x 72 cm Imp. F. Champenois, Paris When Mucha failed to renew his contract with Champenois in 1904, the printer experimented with several artists in an attempt to find a worthy successor to his star designer. None quite filled the bill, but in this poster for a liqueur we see Artigue employing some of Mucha’s favorite devices, including the serpentine framing and circular “halo.” The embossed decorative curlicues are printed in metallic gold ink. Poster Auctions International
La Cigale / Adieu, Cocottes! 1903
Artist: JULES-ALEXANDRE GRÜN (1868-1938) Size: 34 1/4 x 48 1/2 in./87 x 123.3 cm Imp. J. Thil, Paris A modest café-concert, La Cigale had only presented singers until Léon Nunes took over as director in 1889, introducing bawdier fare. Grün would produce many posters for the venue, all of which featured curvaceous muses such as the one here promoting the revue "Farewell Coquettes." Poster Auctions International
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