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Georg Baselitz Original Nude Expressionist Drawing

This is an original drawing by well known German Expressionist Georg Baselitz. The subjects here are nudes, done with energetic and expressionistic lines. * Artist: Georg Baselitz Signature: Signed with initials G.B., lower left Date: 1987, marked lower right Medium: Pencil on paper Size: 11 x 15 inches Condition: Very good; light smudges near the right edge.  * Biography: * Georg Baselitz (1938- ) began his pursuit of the arts at Hochschule fur Bildende Kunste in East Berlin, but was later expelled from university for "socio-political immaturity." His career as an artist was prompted by seeing the tragedies of human history, particularly in Germany where he grew up. He developed a style of Expressionism that was at times controversial. In the 1960's he drew greater attention when some of his art was deemed pornographic and pulled out of an exhibition.  He became experimental, and after 1969 began painting upside down in order to focus more intently on the painted surface.  He also worked as a print maker and sculptor, which he focused on later in his life.  His approach to painting can summed up in the artist's own words: "I begin with an idea, but as I work, the picture takes over. Then there is the struggle between the idea I preconceived...and the picture that fights for its own life."  One can see this struggle expressed in his art. * His work today can be seen in some of the finest galleries and museums in New York, Berlin, and throughout the world. *

  • 2011-07-01
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